12 Typical And Funny Things College Freshmen Do!

12 Typical And Funny Things College Freshmen Do!

Yvette Darlene
October 27 2016 - 06:22am

Starting college is the closing of one chapter and the start of another one. It is a new page in a new life. That's the exact reason why people make preparations for this new chapter in their lives, change themselves to be able to adapt. This brings out new types of behavior that we frequently see in most college freshmen, but what are they? 

Here are 12 possible things most freshmen do!

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1. One of the first and most radical changes: Dying naturally black or brown hair red!

But lately blue, green, and pink seem to be replacing red!

2. Going full head on with hair and a beard!

3. The self-esteem explosion even the most insecure people feel after enrolling.

Well, we hope it ends well... 😁

4. Starting to smoke...

Those poor lungs! 🚬

5. And also starting to drink...

'Let's get f*cked up!'

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6. College freshmen usually take up the things they didn't used to do before, just because they think it looks cool.

'Poker, you say? Yeaaaah, of course I play poker!'

It is more than understandable that they want to be cool, they are going to college now, I said f*cking COLLEGE! 😉

7. Assuming that they are in the coolest love story of history with the first person they see on campus thanks to the mentality "I have to experience new things, urgently!" The rising Romeos and Juliets.

That relationship won't survive for more than a month.

8. Engineering Faculty special: "There are too few girls in our department" and then they start going all around the campus to stalk some females!

Do you guys think that if there were girls in your class, they would be dying to be all over you? What's the rush?!!

9. Reminiscing with your friends from high school that you just left three months ago during the first weeks of college as if it's been 30 years since you last saw them.

Oh, those good old days...

10. Crazily going to another party every night as if you were imprisoned for years before college and repeating "Dude, I have such a b*tching hangover!"
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11. Specific to those who attend a private university without a scholarship or grant: showing off the entirety of your assets -wallet, phone, keys, cigarette pack, etc.- on the table you are sitting at.

12. Announcing your plans for a year abroad repeatedly and thus sucking the soul out of everybody around you.

'Just please go somewhere far away, I don't care where, as long as you shut the hell up!'

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