12 Things You Should Know About Straightforward Women!


Being a straightforward woman comes with a lot of difficulties, but hey! It is always worth the trouble. We straightforward women are struggling with whatever life brings in all parts of our lives and trying to obtain a stance in our workplace or in some ordinary party that we attend. We always have a good time, and sometimes we walk the edge, but all these make us even more attractive. 

Dating a straightforward woman is tough, but the world will become a whole different place if you are able to deal with this. Because we... are glowing! Starting a romantic relationship with a straightforward woman means that your relationship will get stronger with every piece of truth she hits you on the face with. 

 Bottom line is that there are a few things that you should know before dating a straightforward woman.

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1. They have a very low tolerance for your stupid games.


Straightforward women do not want games or lies in their lives. They hate being fooled or jerked around. So, you should tell them the truth, but only the truth, no matter what. Otherwise, there might be some undesired consequences.

2. They hate excuses and never buy them.


Do not even try to make excuses; just admit that you made a mistake. Of course they will be mad, but they will not destroy you. But if you start listing excuses, then there is the possibility of being destroyed. So, be honest and just admit your mistake and apologize.

3. They are fearless.


They are literally not scared of anything. If anything, they are scary. They are unique and the most fearless women of all; nothing can take them down. So, they have no reason to be afraid of anything.

4. They are courageous. They don't care about what others think, at all.


They are not afraid of talking about themselves or what they did. Quite the opposite. They like it and do not care about others' opinions, because they simply do not care. If someone does not like what they are doing, these women can just show them the way out.

5. If you try to put them down, they will know how to put you in place perfectly.


You should watch your words when talking to them. If they don't like a word you used or if they feel that you are, in a way, challenging them, they will make you regret that you even thought of doing it. They are very self-confident.

6. They don't take back what they said.


They never back off of an idea or an opinion in an argument. There is no taking back what you say for them. They are behind every word they say till the very end.

7. They are not afraid of hurting your feelings.


They will tell you whatever they are thinking of at a given moment. They do not care whether that will hurt you, because what they are saying is true and they care about the truth. They do not want to fool you or make you feel comfortable, but just tell you the truth.

8. They do not care about who loves or hates them, at all!


They don't live just so you love them. They just want to be who they want to be. It is up to you whether you like them or not. They do not even care if you don't like them or even hate them, because they don't feel like they have to make anyone happy. They don't live for that.

9. It is not their fault that they are more accomplished than you are.


Career has a huge place in their lives, and they are very ambitious when it comes to success. So, if they are more successful than you are, make more money than you do, or spend more time working than they do with you, this does not mean that they do not love you. This is only because of their desire to be successful. This should never mean that they do not care about you.

10. They tell you the truth, only the truth all the time.


They tell you what you must hear just to help you become better and stronger people. How can you fix any problem unless you are aware of your faults and mistakes? Don't think that they are rude. Just try to listen to what they are really trying to tell you, in a straight way!

11. They are never afraid of saying what they want to say.


And this applies to sex, as well. If they want to have sex with you, they will just say it. They don't feel the need to imply it.

12. They are powerful women; not mean, irritating women.


The women who can easily say whatever they want to say, who are not afraid of anything, or are self-sufficient are the powerful ones. Do not mistake them for bitches, nor treat them as bitches. They are the women who chose to be independent and powerful.

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