11 Things To Change If Women Had Penises!


If the penis was a female organ… We also don’t know why we even imagine something like this…

1. Women would easily talk about its size and thickness, but would never let men talk about it.

2. Something like a bra would be designed to prevent it from swinging around.

3. Push-up underwear would get designed to prevent it from getting droopy, and to make it look more beautiful and big.

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4. It would definitely get more colorful and a “penis coloring art” would spread from Japan to the whole world.

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5. Men would not be able to defend themselves with circumcision against feminine things like giving birth or getting periods.

6. Urinals would lose their monotone white look and more chic, elegant and trendy urinals would get into our lives.

7. Women would never adjust their junk in public like men do.

8. There would be bazaars for penis accessories and jewelries.

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9. "Morning wood" would be called something more sympathetic like morning surprise, early bird, sailboat…

10. Tight yoga pants and jeans would be men’s clothes.

11. Slang names of masturbation like “jerking off,” “stroke your meat,” “beating the meat,” and “choking the chicken” would be cute and naive names like “taking little one to walk,” “twinkle twinkle little star,” “spoiling yourself”

Bonus – The names of the penis would change too. Instead of the names like cock, wiener or Johnson, names like cookie, little one, joy, or burgeon would get used.

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