100 Funny Wifi Names That Would Make You Up Your Wifi Naming Game

100 Funny Wifi Names That Would Make You Up Your Wifi Naming Game

April 07 2022 - 07:59pm

Who, in this day and age, cannot live without wifi? If you are raising your hand, then chances are that you have already desperately searched for public wifi spots and have come across some weird, witty, and funny wifi names. Sometimes, those wifi names even reel us more into forcing ourselves to be able to connect to their hotspot. Aside from that, having unique, funny, and weird wifi names allows us to easily remember the connections that we last used. Let us take a look at some of the funniest wifi names and try to make sense of them.

  • Hilarious wifi names to make your neighbors laugh.

  • Slightly mean wifi names to keep people from connecting to your wifi.

  • Geeky and nerdy wifi names to show others that you're from the dark side.

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40 Funny Wifi Names

Sometimes, we just want people to have a good laugh when searching for internet, right? You’re in luck since this list enumerates some of the funniest names you can use. Sometimes, it is also punny and funny! If you want  to be a clown, then this list is for you.

1. 99 Problems

2. Abraham Linksys

3. Abraham WAN Helsing

4. America’s Next Top Modem

5. Chaos

6. Come On And Slam and Welcome to My LAN

7. Connectile Dysfunction

8. Day LAN Fighter of the Night LAN

9. Definitely Not Wifi

10. Dial-up Internet

11. Escaped Nigerian Prince

12. Folly

13. Hit the Road Jack Input

14. I Have Wifi And You Don’t

15. I Now Pronounce You Man and Wi-Fi

16. I’m Watching You Now

17. It Burns When IP

18. LAN Halen

19. LAN Morrison

20. LAN of the Free

21. LANnisters Send Their Regards

22. Last night I saw you naked

23. Let your imagination free.

24. Please use me

25. Rick Rolled

26. Silence of the LAN

27. Skynet

28. Sweet Adeline

29. The Black Links

30. The way you want it.

31. Torrent Gump

32. Troy and Abed in the Modem

33. Unavailable Now

34. Upload the Rain Download in Africa

35. Wave Force

36. Wham Bam Thank You LAN

37. Wifi Alliance

38. Wifi Password Names

39. Wifitastic

40. Your grammar is more annoying

So, were you able to get one wifi name you’d like to use? No? Well, would you like to share your wifi with anyone? Also no? Then better keep scrolling since the next list might just be the one for you.

30 Wifi Names to Keep People Away

We know that some people just don’t learn and just don’t have the right mind to get their own wifi connection. If you’re feeling a bit stingy, that’s okay, you’re paying for it anyway. Here are a few wifi names you could use to maybe, just maybe, keep people away.

1. 404 Network Unavailable

2. All Your Bandwidth Belong To Us

3. BuyAnotherCupYouCheapSkate

4. Connecting...

5. Don’t even try it

6. For Porn Use Only

7. Get your Own Wi-Fi Fuck Head

8. GetOffMyLawn

9. Go Home Tourists

10. How Is the Signal There?

11. I Know What You Browsed Last Summer

12. It Hurts When IP

13. Mom Use This One

14. Mom, Click Here for Internet

15. Mother’s Maiden Name

16. My Own Damn Internet

17. No Free Wifi for you

18. Password Is Gullible

19. Please Click for Identity Theft

20. Please Connect for Identity Theft

21. Searching…

22. TellMyWifiLoveHer

23. This is Not Free Either

24. Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wi-Fi

25. Virus Infected WiFi

26. Where the Wild Pings Are

27. Wi-Fi for Cats Only

28. WillUmarryMe?

29. Witness Protection

30. You Pay Now

Nothing from the list still made the cut? Do not fret! Maybe you have a geeky side to you! If “PennyGetYourOwnWifi” sounds familiar to you, then this next list will satisfy the inner geek or nerd inside you.

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30 Nerdy and Geeky Wifi Names

Everyone loves a geeky and nerdy wifi name especially if they can catch the meaning in an instant. Here are some geeky wifi names to satisfy your nerdy heart.

1. A LANister Never Forgets

2. A Linksys to the Past

3. Accio Internet

4. Bill Wi the Science Fi

5. Common Room Wifi

6. Connecto Patronum

7. Docking Bay 94

8. Dumbledore's IT Staff

9. E=MC Square Dance

10. Floo Network

11. Forest Moon of Endor

12. Hagrid’s Hut

13. Hogwarts Hall of Wifi

14. Huge Tracts of LAN

15. I am WAN with the Web and the Web is with Me

16. Jar Jar Linksys

17. LANnisters Send Their Regards

18. Lord of the Ping

19. Luke, I Am Your Wi-Fi

20. May the Wi-Force Be With You

21. Platform Nine and Three Routers

22. rIP Hedwig

23. Spiderman’s World Wide Web

24. Squibs Only

25. The Black Links

26. The Ping of the North

27. These Are Not the Droids You’re Looking For

28. Winternet is Coming

29. Yer A Wifi Harry

30. You Shall Not Password

From those 100 names, you surely must have already picked one! Make sure to use some of the funniest wifi names in our list to up your wifi naming game. Change it from time to time as well and confuse your neighbors! Do you have a unique and funny wifi name of your own? If so, share it with us in the comments.

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