10 Useful Bits Of Style Advice To Hide Your Flaws


Is it possible to look thinner and taller just by choosing the right clothes? But how? Hiding your flaws has never been this easy. With the 'Optical Illusion Technique in Clothing' you can easily hide the parts you don't like in your body. This technique is quite simple: Hide the parts you don't like and emphasize the parts you feel are strong. Ready? Let's roll.

1. Neck

We're not claiming that your neck will be thin as a swan. However, if you want to make your neck look longer, try choosing round collars or V-necks. If you already have a tall neck, you should go for crew-necks or turtlenecks.

2. Shoulders

Unfortunately, having wide shoulders is not counted as a good feature. Here, optical illusion can help us. Choose V-necks and round collars. Avoid jackets with shoulder pads. If you're okay with your shoulders, you can go with one shouldered pieces, strapless blouses, tops with shoulder pads and frill details.

3. Breasts

Optical illusion may not yet cover your breast surgeries. If you're looking for a less painful option, choose strapless tops, round necks, horizontal stripes, frills, blouses with pockets, textured fabrics and blazers to make your breasts look bigger. If you're suffering from big breasts, try using dark colors, vertical lines, V-necks and items with loose fabrics.

4. Waistline

We all lost our thin waist line when the low waisted jeans hit our wardrobes. Thank you Britney Spears! But don't worry, these flaws can be camouflaged. Your best friends are long necklaces, dresses with V-shape on their waist line, draped fabrics. Basically, anything works if it's hiding flaws on your waistline. If you have a thin waistline, you should emphasize on that area by wearing clothing that will bring it out.

5. Hips

If you have no intention to have hips like a Kardashian, do not choose skinny pants and pencil skirts. Instead, go for cigarette pants and skater skirts.

6. Legs

Thick legs and over-the-knee boots are not good friends. Avoid them at all costs. This list goes on with skinny pants and patterned leggings. If you want your legs to look taller you might wear pointed heels or nude shoes.

7. Find out your body type.

Consider your pelvis as the center of of your body. Adapt a Robin Hood approach:

  • Upper Body > Lower Body: Take from your rich upper body to make the lower parts look rich. High waist skirts/pants, crop tops, etc...

  • Lower Body > Upper Body: Take from your rich lower body to make the upper parts look rich. Low waist skirts/pants, long cardigans, A-line dresses, etc...

8. Color Palettes

Wouldn't it be nice if you know which color palette looks best on you? Go in front of the nearest mirror and decide. Cold or warm?

  • If your skin has cold undertones, such as whites and pinks, go with cold colors.

  • If your skin has warm undertones, such as ivory, yellow or copper tone, choose warm colors.

9. Looking slimmer & taller

Good news. It's possible to look taller without suffering with high heels. All you need is: One piece dresses, V-neck tops and anything with vertical stripes.

10. Emphasize your powerful figures

Ankles and wrists should be your main points when you're making an optical illusion. You can emphasize these areas with accessories to switch the attention from your flaws.

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