10 Unique Behind-the-Scenes Photos From The Set Of Titanic!


Is there anyone out there who still haven't watched the legendary movie Titanic? Probably not.

Although, most of the people watched this epic movie, only a few know what happened inside the set of Titanic. These rare photos reveal the real work and effort put into the movie. 

Here are 10 behind-the-scenes photos from Titanic you've never seen before! These photos will make you want to re-watch Titanic with another perspective!

***This article was originally published on Bright Side.

1. This scene doesn't seem romantic with James Cameron standing behind!

2. Don't worry about the people who are about to fall down from the ship... They are covered with a comfy mattress!

3. The movie was shot with this mock up

4. Not your typical Rose...

5. Do you remember this nerve-wracking scene?

6. Rose is doing her best to save Jack. James is also there to help Rose!

7. Who would've guessed that the whole production team was there?

8. Just an ordinary day in the sunken Titanic...

9. Cameron was enjoying himself by being the third wheel in every romantic moment!

10. Kate and her stunt in the same photo!

She surely deserves an Oscar together with Kate!

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