10 Most Unforgettable Movies You Have To See!


There are some movies that completely change your perspective. They are exciting to watch, but some are so well-done that they make you wonder if certain conspiracy theories are true.

These movies were put together on Bright Side. Their plot lines are important but can be difficult to follow or understand.

1. Fight Club

One day an every-day consumerist man meets a soap salesman, Tyler Durden. The life of the ordinary man will never be the same again.

2. Shutter Island

Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule, US Marshals, end up at Ashecliffe Hospital to investigate a murder. A storm that separates the island from the mainland and disrupts the investigation. Everybody is aware that something weird is happening.

3. The Jacket

A veteran named Jack Starks somehow ends up in a mental institution and is accused of a murder he had nothing to do with.

4. Mr. Nobody

A boy who loves his mother and father equally is forced to make a choice: on which one will his life depend. Is it a curse or blessing? He has no idea what is coming next.

5. The Thirteenth Floor

A computer science and software specialist created a system that allows people to submerge into a virtual world that imitates New York of the 1930s. The newly made, but no longer young creator decided not to waste time and began to visit his new reality for the purpose of sexual pleasures.

6. The Fountain

In this movie, we see three stories of selflessness taking place in different time frames of one person's life. Each story is good enough to be worthy of an Oscar because they are all beautiful. They are about love and sincerity.

7. The Truman Show

You will never be able to forget this movie. Truman lives on people's TVs. In his world, there are no signs of violence, tears, or cynicism. You can either sympathize or envy him.

8. Momento

Leonard suffers from an untreatable case of short-term memory loss. He remembers everything that happened until his wife's death, but not where he was last night or who he saw or talked with. Treatment, which is often the way to go for those who have Leonard's condition, is not his priority. He has to avenge his wife's death.

9. The Matrix

Everything is a dream you cannot wake up from without help. What is worse, we are not capable of making sense of it on our own. People go through living their lives without being aware of the fact that they are nothing more than energy.

10. The Bothersome Man

This movie explores the choices and boundaries we build for ourselves when we are following the rules. Most people dream of a good job, a beautiful house, and free relationships. However, in this city, people have everything but problems! They don't experience emotions. The reason they smile, however, isn't to share happiness, but because they have to.

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