10 Features of The Most Passionate Zodiac: Scorpio!

10 Features of The Most Passionate Zodiac: Scorpio!

Chelsea Wrots
July 19 2016 - 01:04pm

The first rule to understanding Scorpios is to not try to understand them.

For the good of your own mental health, don’t try to understand their personalities.

They are the most strong and misunderstood ones. They may create a reason for you to hate them when you have no other problems with them. They’re actually both good and bad for the same reasons.

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1. They get what they want by manipulating the situation.

They are used to getting what they want. They don’t lie to you, but they talk pretty convincingly when they’re telling the truth.

Sometimes reaching their goal is more important than the steps they take. They may become cold when it’s about what others think and feel.

2. Sex plays a huge role in their relationships.

Their sex life is never boring and they love to have sex. They may also get bored easily.

Sex plays a huge role in their relationships, so when they get bored, it also effects other things.

They don’t get mad if you are late for your date, but they may get mad if you can’t satisfy them at the end of the night.

3. They are loyal people.

They always have their friends backs and are always there to protect them.

A Scorpio does everything to keep you happy if you don’t do anything to make them angry or sad.

4. They hold a grudge.

If you make them sad, they develop a grudge against you and wait for you to construct the whole building before they demolish it. They aren't afraid of hurting you back.

They expect people to be as loyal as they are. If they’re not, Scorpios don’t easily forgive.

They never forget and it means they won’t let you forget, either.

5. They’re born to be determined and brave.

They begin everything to reach success and will do anything to get it. Sometimes they lose because they don’t think about the results of their actions. Still, being brave is their key to success.

Scorpios love to get their way.

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6. They have a mysterious style.

You never get bored.

They love to give short answers and look mysterious. They also enjoy listening to people’s predictions about them.

They like secrets, but some of their secrets may not be good. They may even destroy your relationship with them.

It’s hard to maintain a relationship with a Scorpio because you always feel like there’s more to know about them. And that feeling is usually right.

7. They’re fun.

They find fart jokes to be stupid and they never laugh at childish humor.

They like humor that’s hard to understand and like to talk witty. Their sense of humor is based on reality.

You’ll probably get annoyed if you have a simple sense of humor and are touchy.

8. They make good observations.

It takes 2 seconds for them to understand someone. They can also understand if they like you or not. No need to think for a long time.

You may call it “prejudice” but it’s actually “good observation.”

Making this many observations makes them cautious. They also don’t waste time with people who don’t deserve them..

When they decide to trust someone and get disappointed, they may act like a little child.

Scorpios are not only observatory for their boyfriend/girlfriends but also for their friends.

9. They like to take control.

One of the best features of Scorpios is their leadership soul, and it’s easily recognizable.They can only find peace if they have control.

It’s in their nature to rise against authority, and if they don’t have control,

they may think too much and become stressed. So “dominance” is both natural and a weak point for them.

10. They keep their expectations high.

Scorpios know what they deserve and they always try their best.

This scary feature sometimes becomes a problem because they never find themselves to be enough for anything. They may waste away while trying to bring out the best in themselves.

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