10 Amazing Characteristics Of Intimidating Women


You may think that something’s wrong with you, being told that everyone else but you is getting married or having babies etc etc... But maybe something is wrong with society itself, and its expectations from women. So don’t worry if people around you call you “intimidating” because “intimidating” women are gorgeous. Here’s why:

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1. They wear whatever they want.


Their wardrobe is full of clothes that make them feel good. They like to dress in a way that reflects their current mood and their self-confidence.

2. They’re passionate.


They do whatever they do with passion. These women don’t make men feel “comfortable,” they make them feel more “alive.”

When you’re in a relationship with an “intimidating” woman, life’s full of surprises and excitements. If you’re looking for “mediocre,” stay away from them. But if what you’re looking for is adventure, follow them!

3. They don’t act like little girls who need protection.


Men love to be the “hero,” so most of the time you see them chasing after needy women. “Intimidating” women, on the other hand, prefer to be the hero themselves because they’re aware that the only person who can actually “protect” them is themselves. Forget all those “I’ll pay” moments, in a nutshell. They don’t need your help or approval either. The most important thing is their freedom, and they don’t want to be with people who don’t respect this.

4. They are attractive without even trying.


A woman with high self-confidence is a natural beauty and draws attention naturally. They dance and joke around as if no one’s looking. Unlike many people, they don’t care about what others think of them.

If you’re a man who needs to be flattered constantly and have serious insecurities, you probably won’t be happy with such a woman.

5. They’re always open and clear.


They don’t have problems expressing themselves and they don’t hide their true self. As long as you accept them the way they are, you’re good. Most people say that they don’t like playing games, but when they see someone who is actually open, they’re frightened quickly and run away.

6. They are “survivors.”


Their past means so much to them because it was what made them who they are today.

If you’re looking for someone without wounds, they are not your type. These women think that what didn’t kill them made them stronger. What they lost taught them to appreciate the value of everything they have. Those who made them upset taught them how to be forgiving.

Their wounds are like their guides in life. As a wise man once said:

“I have learned far more from pain than I could have ever learned from pleasure.”

7. They love too deeply.


They believe in true love. They only commit to those who really are open to being in love. They do everything for their love and never stop fighting. People who are not ready to be involved in such deep commitments may find them frighting, obviously.

8. They don’t believe in selfishness, only sacrifice.


At times, they change their life plans for their partners. It’s important for them to stay strong together. Each person they've shared their life with taught them something and “intimidating” women are always ready to be there for them. So don’t expect these women to belong to you. They belong to everyone they really love.

9. They can teach you things.


If you have a large ego and you’re scared that learning from your partner is a threat to your manliness, these women are not for you.

10. They might be intimidating, but they’re still human.


Being self-confident and able to direct your own life doesn’t mean you can’t suffer from anything. Although they don’t let it show most of the time, rejection, hurtful words or false intentions hurt them.

All in all, what “intimidating” women teach us is to prefer passion over comfort and courage over mediocrity.

Be ready to accept your partner just the way they are.

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