Are You Suffering From Millennui? Here Are 36 Signs Of Millennial Boredom


I told you that we were all suffering!


1. This is the most millennui thing ever.

2. You may have posted a picture of your folded shirts.

3. You did the #10YearChallenge.

4. You watched the same show that you have already seen instead of watching new content.

5. You have been petty on Venmo.


7. You have a gym membership, only to be able say you have it.

8. You love Toto's "Africa."

9. You bought a plant, just to feel responsible.

10. You tweeted to a brand, with the hopes of getting a reply.

11. You planned to "go to Tulum."

12. You love LinkedIn.

13. You don't have a pet animal but you follow hundreds of pet animal accounts.

14. You bought wine to feel like an adult.

15. You called a place your "office for the day" just because you happened to have your laptop with you.

16. You payed the whole brunch check to make your Chase Sapphire card worthwhile.

17. You tried the "Bird Box" Challenge.

18. And you watched the movie, just to fit in.

19. You spent a unhealty amount of time trying to figure out health insurance.

20. You live an active life just to compete with other friends who also have an Apple Watch.

21. You stopped smoking and drinking, only to start with hallucinogens.

22. This is your way of staying relevant.

23. You have a "Slow to Respond" auto-reply on your personal email.

24. You are confused on religion but horoscopes are almost the same thing, so you follow them.

25. You deleted Facebook but you still use their other products.

26. You helped set a world record.

27. You went live on Instagram.

28. You ae included in too many group chats and even if you want to leave them, you don't.

29. "Doing face masks" is one of your hobbies.

30. You've paid actual money for spin class.

31. You have an adult coloring book.

32. You "do" things.

33. You thought that downloading the app "Headspace" was going to make you happy.

34. You drink coffee all day just to stop yourself from eating.

35. You've made something like this.

36. You went to the park, just to see a cool duck.

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