Chinese Man Killed By A Snake Even 20 Minutes After Its Head Was Chopped Off


How long do you think you're still conscious after you die? Can you say anything even 5 minutes after your death? I don't know if you can do that but apparently, an animal's brain can function long after they die. Enough to kill a person. Let's learn more about this tragic story of this Chinese man. Be careful when you're making a snake soup next time!

Let's go back to a few years after the French Revolution.

It is believed that there are four elements in nature, water, wind, fire, and earth, and there were constantly writings on this topic.

Antoine Lavoisier, who lived at that time, claimed that this acceptance was wrong, he wrote and said things that opposed the idea.

These oppositions provoked an authority-based judge in France who was one of the most violent advocates of the four element theories of that time.

One day they made an excuse to arrest Lavoisier because of these ideas, and then sentenced him to death by guillotine.

The guillotine was the most used, classicized method of execution at that time.

Even though he accepted the death, Lavoisier wanted to make a contribution to humanity even while he was dying.

He calls a friend who is a mathematician and says:

"Look at my eyes when my head is cut and drops to the basket from the guillotine. If I can blink twice, know that after the human head is cut off, the brain continues to think for a while."

The guillotine chopped the head off in 000.5 seconds.

This meant for them a painless and sudden death. That's what the developer Joseph-Ignace Guillotin intended to do.

When Lavoisier was executed, his friend, who was there, looked at the bloody head that was in the basket after the head was chopped off as he was told.

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According to the story, Lavoisier blinked. So even though his head was chopped off, his brain continued to function.

Now, let's fast forward to 225 years later.

Chief Peng Fan, from the Guangdong Province, wanted to prepare a chopped snake soup that he believes is healing according to his traditions.

For this, he chopped the head of a spitting cobra, which is abundant in China.

While he was struggling to cut the snake into pieces, he was bitten by the head of the snake which he thought was harmless.

This happened after about 20 minutes.

Apparently Chief Peng Fan, who didn't know the story of Lavoisier, died on the road while he was being taken to the hospital.

But how could this happen? How can a snake poison a human after 20 minutes, despite its head being chopped off?

In fact, the real mistake here is no more than a false acceptance.

You may have heard that after a person dies, the consciousness can continue to function 5 to 10 minutes. But the consciousness of a person whose head is separated by guillotine can't go on for long because there is no blood and oxygen transported to the brain, which directly leads to loss of consciousness first and then to physical death.

But reptiles like snakes, don't need as much blood or oxygen as we do to maintain their functions.

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So even if blood and oxygen are not transported to the brain of the snake, it may still be functional long enough to bite you.

Another detail here is that from where the snake's head is chopped off.

If a snake's head is cut off from a region where the poison glands can still work because there's still a connection to the muscles which help it release poison, then it can be dangerous for a very long time.

Here you can also watch a snake biting and poisoning itself in spite of its head being cut off:

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