30 Incredibly Powerful Portraits From Around The World
Capturing a good portrait is not an easy job, but when done right, it speaks volumes about the people pictured and the worlds they live in. Bored Panda collected these 30 amazing portraits that will definitely give you a feeling of connection.
26 Awarded Underwater Photos That Are Literally Fascinating
The winner of the 2017 Underwater Photographer of the Year has been revealed. The contest, with photographers from 67 countries participating, gave its 1st place prize to Gabriel Barathieu's work, An Octopus in Mayotte Island. The remaining places went to the following shots, each one more amazing than the other.
22 Perfectly Timed Photographs That'll Drop Your Jaw!
All of these photographs were perfectly timed. Some are pretty funny and some are gross. Be sure to check your picture files, you never know what's hiding in the background. Now, just scroll down and enjoy the ride...
17 Spooky Photos That Will Make You Too Scared To Check Your Old Photos!
These are not just some illustrations or any type of fictional work. These photos are real and each of them has something mysterious and dreadful about them. People are still wondering how come such photos could be taken in the first place. Secrets are still yet to be solved!P.S.: there are no monsters under your bed.
18 Aerial Photos Of Cities You’ve Probably Never Seen Before!
No matter how much time you spent walking around in a foreign city, there are things that you can not be able to do. The team of photographers at the Russian AirPano comes into scene at that point. These talented photographers rise into the sky to show other people a different perspective of the geometrical structures of the world famous cities.More info:
14 Day To Night Transitions Of Major Cities Fit Into A Single Frame!
The mystery of photography is still waiting to be solved after nearly 200 years. In its most basic form, photographs are able to capture a moment. Photography artist Stephen Wilkes' work comes into scene at this moment. Wilkes' project Day to Night captures the day and night in the same photograph. As a result, these mind-blowing landscapes emerge!***All images courtesy of the artist.Stephen Wilkes
20 Amazing Color Photographs Of New York City In The 1970s!
New York looks absolutely different than it did back in the 1970s. America's largest city was influenced by the variables such as industrial decline, economic stagnation, and white flight.These 20 rare photos are showcasing how America's metropolitan city has changed since the 1970s!
New On Instagram: Rich Kids Of Poor Nigeria
The 'rich kids of Instagram' movement, which started in the US, is quickly spreading! Rich people are encouraged to share their luxurious lifestyle with the whole world. Let's face it, the differences between economic classes are disturbing for every country; and especially when it is exposed, it angers people even more.And if these gaps between different economic classes keep on growing....Let's go to Nigeria!
20 Last Surviving Tribes On Earth W/ Striking Photos!
Photographer Jimmy Nelson spent three years of his life exploring the last surviving tribes on the Earth. To some extent, these photographs reveal the unknown world of these tribes which are under the threat of becoming extinct. This is the reason why Nelson's project is exceptionally important. Jimmy Nelson's book
20 Stunning Drone Photos Showing The Future Of Photography!
If you’re into technology, you probably know that drones have been on the rise. The good news is that Dronestagram listed the best 20 photos published on their website in 2016.   The word ‘breathtaking’ is just not enough to describe these photos. If you can find a better one, share it in the comments!
15 Unusual Tricks Advertisers Use To Make Food Look Tasty!
Photographers know how to make food look more tasty and delicious. They spend a considerable amount of time to make food look delicious and juicy. The tricks they use to get the best out of those food are certainly unusual!Here are 15 of tricks photographers use to take delicious food photographs!
Ukrainian Artist's Photo Restorations Will Reveal The Secrets Of History!
Sometimes a photograph becomes the last physical connection between two people. However, photographs tend to fade away and get distorted in time. This is where Ukrainian artist Tetyana Dyachenko comes into scene.Dyachenko is a restoration artist and she transforms distorted old photographs into new ones. The process includes both healing and recreating the destroyed parts. Here are some of Dyachenko's photorestorations!
28 Hilarious Photoshops Of The Husky Got Stuck On A Coconut Tree!
We usually expect huskies to pull sleds in snow, but this cute, little, and very fluffy looking husky somehow ended up stuck on a tropical tree! The photoshop geniuses sent their works to Boredpanda, and this dog rocks it in every one of them, including Miley's wrecking ball and Harry Potter's quidditch.Let's see some funny works by very creative minds! :)
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