The Photos Of The Troll Father And The Fearless Baby Will Make You Jump Out Of Your Skin
One dad is frightening the Internet with these pictures of his kid in dangerous situations, giving concerned parents from all over mini heart attacks!'I've been photoshopping my kid into marginally dangerous situations,' Steec wrote. 'Nothing unbelievable, but enough to make people think 'Wait, did he..?'  These are the exact words of Steec we got from Boredpanda. Let's see what he has under his sleeves!
18 Random Photos Offering An Instant Heart Attack On The Side!
Every day something weird happens and if we're lucky enough, there's somebody there to take a picture of them. Today, we put together a few photos that have no relevance to each other from BuzzFeed. What can we say, you'll get what we mean when you look at them.
These Albino Twins Stunned The Internet With Their Utterly Unique Appearance!
Lara and Mara Bawar are born with a rare condition which is called albinism. The chances of a child being born with albinism are 1 in 17,000. It might be said that it is nearly impossible to imagine the likelihood of how someone will give birth to albino twins.A photographer named Vinicius Terranova was inspired by these rare conditions and started a project called Rare Flowers. With this project revealed the beauty of these unique siblings.
20 Moments To Make You Question How These Guys Managed To Stay Alive!
Research says: 'The average lifespan of men is less than that of women.' Do you think these researchers based their ideas on these images as well? If you ask us, they sure did.😂Because in all of these photos you'll see men who have 'balls.'Here we are with another post which will crack you up.Let's get started.
32 Unbelievable Pics From A Photographer Who Visited North Korea!
A photographer told Boredpanda that, ''Last year, I traveled to North Korea to write and photograph a feature for GQ Magazine in Australia. It was the most fascinating and depressing week of my life. These photos are a glimpse of the carefully choreographed tour that visitors are allowed to go on. It's a facade, for sure, but there are little moments of humanity that peek through.''
'Yoga And The City:' 17 Amazing Pictures Of The City Chaos Mixed By Meditation Calmness
The project Yoga and City created by photographer Alexey Wind is for the hectic people of the big city. These wonderful pictures from Bored Panda show how successful the project is. It's an ongoing project and the artist wants to do it in different cities as well. He is one of the few people who truly understood that we live in an amazing world!
World Press Awards Winning Newspaper Photographers' Stunning Abstract of 2016
The 60th Annual World Press Photo Contest winners were announced on Feb. 13. The mix of photos was a poignant recap of the events of 2016, starting with the dramatic image of the slain Russian ambassador in Turkey, which the jury named Photo of the Year. These photos, which were originally published on BuzzFeed, remind us just how dramatic 2016 had been.
30 Haunting Photos From Terrifying Asylums Showing A Very Dark Side!
Our understanding of our bodies and minds improves with every passing year. There are still many unanswered questions, and too many seemingly insurmountable medical challenges for comfort, but at least science tries to point toward answers. In decades and centuries past, illnesses, both physical and mental were often treated with ineffective, inhumane, and often destructive ways in old insane asylums. People with psychological conditions, especially, tended to be viewed as subhuman. These unfortunate souls were born in the wrong era, and their stories are heartbreaking.
50 Dreamlike Collages Showing How Surreal Digital Art Is Done!
Istanbul-based visual artist, Hüseyin Şahin, blends reality and fantasy in his photos to create spectacularly surreal scenes. On Instagram, he has almost 60k followers and his bio reads, “The facts are not beautiful.”Some of his photos incorporate elements of folklore, such as a photo of the Maiden's Tower in Istanbul featuring an underwater woman nearby, a reference to the Ancient Greek legend of Hero and Leander, and two young lovers who drowned in the Bosporus. Another photo portrays a child in war-torn Syria.Here are 50 of his most beautiful photo collages!
24 Photos Proving That Nature Will Win The War Over Civilization!
Human population on the planet is constantly increasing each day. The civilization we are building gets bigger and bigger. However, this massive development damages the natural habitat of plants and animals.Mother Nature does not stay silent to this rapid destruction and sometimes gives the best response to humankind.The following photos are solid reminders of how strong Mother Nature actually is...
Artist Creates Fantastic Digital Paintings Using Random Found Images!
Photoshop has turned into an amazing tool that turns the dreams into reality at the hands of talented artists. Russian digital photography artist Indigo is one of those exceptional talents. These photo-manipulation examples are really different than the ones we've previously seen.There is not much to say on the subject. Indigo's exceptional talent does not require further words!
These 24 Examples Of Intography Will Take You On A Journey Through Time!
Orhun Türker, an artist from Turkey, has been working with the intography technique. This one is his third project and his earlier work appeared in magazines including but not limited to Photoline and 362 life.For those who don't know: intography is a collage technique including putting together old photos of cities and scenes with the new photos shot at the same angle.The photos you will see were taken Bolu, a city in northwestern Turkey, and according to Wikipedia, 'it's an important midpoint between the capital, Ankara and the largest city in the country, Istanbul. It covers an area of 7,410 km², and the population is 271,208.'
Under-Horse: Photographer Captures Horses From Underneath
Under-Horse is a project of Lithuanian photographer Andrius Burba. Andrius challenges the perspective of the audience by taking the photographs of horses from underneath. Burba explains this challenging project as follows:I looked for different examples of what was done on the internet and after no similar results I decided that I have to do it and be the first person to shoot a standing horse from underneath. As I started to organise the photoshoot of a horse, I knew that all I needed is to get 600 kg horse on a glass, dig 3 meters into the ground, put my camera under a big glass and take a shot. Even though it was the same concept as project 'Under-Cats' it took two months to organise it all. I have found horse-friendly environment and even made rubber horse shoes, to save the glass from scratching.More info: Website | Facebook | Shop
39 Magical Autumn Photos From All Over The World!
Autumn is a magical season. You can hear people saying they hate the summer heat, spring allergies, and winter cold; but we rarely hear people saying they hate autumn. Now that we are slowly getting into winter in Northern Hemisphere, we thought that cherishing this great season and its wonderful perks and colors is more than in order!Photographers from all over the world captured the colors of autumn in these awesome frames!
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