20 Photos Proving Children Are The Most Adorable Things In The World!
Great Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky once wrote: ' The soul is healed by being with children.' Indeed, these heartwarming photos of children from all over the world show the innocence of childhood that we lose as we grow older, and how much love and compassion they can actually bear in their little heart for other people, animals (or even objects).
30 Close-Ups That Will Change Your Perspective Forever!
It’s always fascinating to stop and look at the tiny things around for us to realize how beautiful the world is. Things get more interesting as we see them closer. Thanks to close-up works of photographers, we can see how detailed and mesmerizing our world is!
Meet The Photographer Couple With Their Cute “Love Pose”
The photographer couple Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks struck a pose when they were in Nevada in 2010, and loved it! Then they started making the same pose everywhere they went.. They got married in 2012, and now they have a blog filled with 30 of these photos already!
18 Old Photos PERFECTLY Coming Back To Life!
There is a crazy movement in Internet: Bringing a photo back to where it was taken and re-photographing it, blending it in the view. The difference between 'before' and 'after' can be seen clearly like this.However, some examples also show that a lot has stayed the same over the years.
18 Dramatic Images Of Children And Their Bedrooms!
When photographer James Mollison was asked to come up with an idea for engaging with children’s rights, he found himself travelling around the world to capture children's bedrooms. After spending more than three years traveling the world from Senegal to Tokyo, Mollison published his book ' Where Children Sleep' – a collection of stories about the children he met, told through portraits and pictures of their bedrooms.'I hope the book gives a a glimpse into the lives some children are living in very diverse situations around the world; a chance to reflect on the inequality that exists, and realize just how lucky most of us in the developed world are,' said Mollison.Although 'Where Children Sleep Around the World' is written and designed for 9 to 13 year olds to learn about and better understand the diversity and disparity among children in the world, it paints a powerful picture of poverty, privilege and inequality for adults as well.For the other works of the artist:
Joyful Lives Of Miniature People In The World Of Food
Akiko Ida and Pierre Javalle are two professional food photographers who have taken their business to a whole new level. They have created  mini tasty worlds of food where tiny little people go about their usual business. The creative art duo named their project MINIMIAM (which translates from French as 'mini' 'yum') and have been shooting photographs of miniature train models that they place on huge-sized food since 2002. They playfully and artistically position the models and the compositions they get are so beautiful that you will find it difficult to stop yourselves from looking at them again and again. Here are 21 creative photographs that you will want to be in:
14 Emotional Photos Of This Dad And His Down-Syndromed Daughter!
It is difficult to come up with something to say once you come across these kinds of stories. Because no matter how hard you try, sometimes it is impossible to express the emotions properly. Even if you manage to find a couple of sentences, they sound unnatural. That's why we shortly want to say 'You two look so beautiful together,' before you move on to read the story.
Yoga Or Professional Photography? You Be The Judge!
You've tried all the crazy positions (giggity) just to take photos. Let me look at it again... oh, yes! You literally have tried everything, and it seems like you've also experienced a life's worth of yoga poses along the way, too!
32 “Must Share” Photos Every New Parent Takes
With the help of smart phones and digital cameras, we have the chance to photograph literally every moment of our lives. (Some of you overdo it, we know who you are!) If it's a newborn we're talking about, you will want to save every moment of your baby's life. Here are the 32 cliché, yet still adorable photos every new parent must take.
14 Surreal Instagram Examples From This Creative Designer!
Jati Putra Pratama is an Indonesian artist and graphic designer. He uses surreal, futuristic themes in almost all of his work with just small tweaks to regular, daily life photos. His work reflects his unmatched imagination. What we liked the most is how his work creates a relationship between humans and nature. He tries to describe the meaningless attempts of mankind to take control over nature with a very, very different perspective of his own. For more, see his Instagram account:
36 Awesome Things About Being a Wildlife Photographer!
Wild-life photography is an amusing and cheerful job but it can also be daunting and make you push your own limits. You need to be determined, patient, strong and experienced. It's definitely not the same as taking photos of your cute little bush in the garden while these guys embrace the wilderness of the Amazon or even the Arctics!
The Ever Epic Tom Hardy's Playful Moments With Dogs? Oh Yes! Don't Mind If We DO!
Tom Hardy is winning so hard for the past few years and it looks like he is not gonna stop. After so many different Instagram accounts dedicated to Tom Hardy doing things, this Instagram account dedicated to Tom Hardy holding dogs will make sure you have your daily overdose of cute and epic! Warning: This post seriously contains high levels of cuteness and epicness. Viewer discretion advised.
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