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Youtube Likes Or Youtube Views! What Matters The Most?


Youtube Likes Or Youtube Views! What Matters The Most?

Well, if you are thinking to grow your passion into a profession, by stepping into the world of YouTube, then Kudos! As you’ve made the right choice.

But before you step, let’s know some of the ups and downs, ins and outs of this platform. What can make you more popular, and what is more convincing and beneficial for you! Does this article assist with getting what is more significant on YouTube: perspectives or preferences? It will likewise give you important data on how you can make your YouTube blog more popular. 

Likes and perspectives can give you individual fulfillment. They can likewise offer you chances to adapt your substance. This makes one wonder, which is more significant, YouTube perspectives or YouTube likes? 

Let’s explore the answer!

YouTube Likes VS YouTube Views

• On What Basis YouTube Monetize

Well, the updated terms of YouTube ask for 4000 hours of watch time over 12 months and 1000 subscribers. This proves that likes are not considered to monetize your account. So, if you making money is your ultimate goal to join youtube, then you must prefer views over likes. Moreover, likes and dislikes only appear to the vocalizing one’s opinion about the content. 

• Increasing viewers’ rate

When compared likes cannot play a fine role in increasing the views, as people cannot judge the likes from outside the video. One observes, thumbnail, video poster, and most essentially the views displayed beneath the video poster. Hence, here also views should be preferred more over the likes and comments. 

• Likes without views or views without likes

Both views and likes are important, but you can’t get likes without viewing the content. But, one can achieve views without likes. However, this will not be sufficient for Youtube to monetize your channel. Despite views are given great importance in monetization, but likes are also somewhere important for being paid. 

No matter how creative your video would be, no matter how many filters and memes you add to them, it all begins with just one click. And every click and view matters. 

There would be no means of creating the best videos until you get satisfying views. And to make this happen, you need to follow some small tips to increase your viewers naturally-

• An engaging thumbnail can work superbly to engage more and more viewers. When people see your thumbnail, they will be more likely interested to watch your videos. 

• Content related to real-time will attract your audience. Making videos on trending topics can help in boosting your viewer's stats. 

• Don’t forget the SEO. The kingpin of search engines will back you with good engagements and views on your videos. 

• The title should be crisp that drags your views eyeballs to your thumbnail. 

• Video description can be a top-notch boon for all. Embedding links to your latest videos or elated videos in description will help you to increase views on other videos too, 

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Created by an Onedio member. No intervention by Onedio Staff. You can freely create Onedio content.

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