Your Last Ticket to Being the Duchess of Cornwall: Prince Harry!

As Prince William happily raises his two adorable kids with his beautiful Duchess, Kate, it’s time to take a look at the next candidate: Harry. He has always been a bit of a daredevil and eccentric, but he knows how to love and take responsibilities. Prince Harry wants to get married and set up a family of his own. Let’s know him a bit better.

1. He was always the crazy one.

2. Always free-spirited, always different just like her mother.

3. But joining the army changed him

4. He got over puberty and became a lovely young gent.

5. The uniform made him into a real man.

6. He was always good with his family.

7. He never minded staying behind the shadow of William.

8. He was always there for his family, always supportive.

9. On top of all, he is the Prince!

10. He gets along with everyone and he’s very friendly.

11. Warm.

12. Joyous.

13. Famous.

14. Non-famous. He gets along with everyone!

15. Even with people he just met.

16. He’s a real sports person.

17. He loves surfing.

18. Polo and all sorts of other sports.

19. Even jogging professionally.

20. Now comes his love for kids. He always mentions how much he loves kids and wants his own kids.

21. He is caring, loving and loves taking care of kids.

22. He never disappoints them and does all he can to make them happy.

23. Makes them smile, too :)

24. Doesn’t he look radiant with a baby in his arms?

25. He’s a very handsome Prince, too!

26. Tired of the routines, traditional lifestyle.

27. He LOVES LOVES animals!

28. Any animal you can think of.

29. Even goats.

30. Horses and so on.

31. He thinks it’s his time after his brother’s marriage.

32. Awww, how could you say no.

33. Well, we did say he’s a bit crazy…

34. But he can be the angel you always wanted if you work for it.

35. Let’s make this guy happy. It’s not bad to be the Cornwall Duchess, right?

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