Young Artist Depicts Being A Woman Through Colorful Hyperreal Portraits!


Soey Milk is an artist who is currently attending college. Being a student doesn't prevent her from being in the spotlight of the art world. We've gathered up a collection of Soey's unearthly and surreal paintings.


1. Soey Milk paints canvases that carry feminine and erotic themes. Her work explores the phases that femininity is blooming.

2. "I am a young woman who is learning more, every day, what it means to flourish into a fuller being,"

3. "My pieces create narratives and symbols as they simmer in my daily life. In a way, they are visual timelines, as they set pins along my path."

4. Soey Milk's stories usually belong to female characters who stand alone in their pleasures and pains.

5. Soey Milk also focuses on the human anatomy at the same time.

6. The young artist admits being strongly influenced by the work of Matthew Brandt.

7. Most of the characters Soy depicts are floating in an abstract world.

8. "My titles and imagery work closely together—not to allude to a specific memory, but rather to show what has sifted through this, my human filter," says Milk.

9. Milk is a talented and successful young artist.

10. One can easily notice that Soey explores the different angles of being a women and transforms these angles into a visual fairy tale.

11. The way Soey uses hyperreality makes it easier to relate to those moments.

12. You can follow Soey's Instagram for more awesomeness!

13. Soey transforms blank canvases and turns them into a some sort of reality on their own...

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