Why Do Women Get Breast Implants?

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Why do women get breast implants?

Why do they go into operating rooms, while getting a surgery scares most of the people?

Let's see the reasonable and logical answer to this question together:

We should first start with what breast implants are: they are covered with silicone on the outside, and filled with serum physiologic (saline) or a gel mixed like silicone.

Silicone implants come in many varieties. They are usually placed behind the muscle tissue.

Many people prefer these implants for different reasons including having breasts that are in different sizes, as well as having one's breasts removed due to breast cancer.

However, the most common reason is purely aesthetic, which means that women seek breast augmentation, although they aren't suffering from any kind of diseases.

But why enhance your breasts just for the looks?

The most common reason why women with small breasts resort to this operation is because they want to look sexier to the opposite gender.

Because they think their body looks 'normal' after getting implants, their self-respect and self-esteem increase.

According to a study conducted in Denmark, 8% of women, who gets breast implants, have had a psychiatric history.

Have you ever wondered the opinions of a women with breasts implants on this subject matter?

23-year old Giulie's breasts were smaller than the even smallest cup size, A. After the surgery, her cup size went up to C.

Giulie, spent around $4000 for her operation.

She was deeply troubled by not being able to take off her bra in any situation. This concern went so far that when the guys she dated didn't call her, she thought it was because of her small breasts.

Giulie, who has found her self-esteem thanks to the operation, had trouble moving her arms for a while after the surgery and had to use strong pain-killers.

And once she finally recovered, she started feeling much better about herself. She is carrying foreign matter in her body and can feel the implants when she touches her breasts.

Giulie, who is fully convinced that men prefer bigger breasts, argues that having fake or natural boobs does not matter for them. She doesn't care that it is visible that she has implants from the outside, because the only thing that matters is that they are larger!

Do you think that what makes women have a such a surgery is the society's effect on our subconsciousness?

I'm not sure.
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