Which City You Should Be Living In?


Our beautiful home, the Earth, never ceases to impress us! Among all of these beautiful cities of the world, which one suits your personality best?

Take this quiz to find out which city you actually belong in! Who knows, maybe you'll go there someday!

1. What does your playlist look like?

I don't have any playlists. I still listen to the radio.
I listen to The XX like crazy these days. I have a huge playlist, though.
Whatever comes to mind.
Wanna listen to my latest mix?

2. What is it that you cannot stop eating?

Pepperoni Pizza
I don't care about food that much, but I cannot live without coffee.
Everything vegan.
I'll eat anything that is delicious.
My significant other.

3. Which of the below annoys you the most?

Grammar mistakes.
Intrusion to my personal space.
Late food order
Not finding anything in my size during the summer sale.
All of them, and I can add some more if you'd like.

4. Have you ever been to Europe?

Does Little Italy count?
I've been there once with a school trip.
We go to Europe every Spring break.
I really would like to go someday.
I have to go there occasionally for business meetings.
We're going to Europe on our honeymoon.

5. Pick a style icon!

Audrey Hepburn
Lady Diana
Kim Kardashian
Can I pick more than one? I run a fashion blog.
This is really not my game.

6. Which TV series is your favorite?

Game of Thrones
How I Met Your Mother
Criminal Minds
Gossip Girl

7. What to take on a deserted island?

My friends, a laptop with wifi and lots of snacks.
Books, iPod and a musical insrument.
My significant other, my camera and a comfy bed.
I don't need anything. I'll try to survive with what is already there.

8. Pick a font for your wedding invitation!

I'll go for something custom made.

9. What is the color of the thing that you are wearing now?

Darker tones
All the shades of blue
There are many different colors.

You got Vienna!


You have a complex personality. You like history and art, and we can easily say that you've got sophisticated hobbies. You want to enjoy life without going into too much trouble. Luckily, you can do all of that in Vienna while enjoying the schnitzel on your plate. Don't forget to watch the latest opera for us!

You got Berlin!


You love making plans. The ambitious side of you is going to make you rich someday, we are sure of that. You work hard and you do not miss any details. These traits make you a great team leader, which is why people can't resist your charm. You enjoy living your life simply and systematically, and this makes you a true Berliner!


You got Paris!


You are born for love, mon amour! You sometimes lose your interest in even the things you love the most, but the little surprises that life puts you through can make you excited again in a second. You want to discover new things without stopping. You are a hopeless romantic, which is why you are gonna love it in Paris!

You got Barcelona!


¡Hola! 'Relax' is the word that defines you. You are cool, but you really care about progress and aesthetics. A sunny day or a wild night... Both of them can be more than enough to make you happy. You live life to the fullest. What would happen if you were living in Barcelona? Think about it! 


You got Rome!


Ciao! You enjoy staying in and spending time with your loved ones. Delicious dinner parties and fun conversations are your favorite. You're not a very sensitive person, but we are sure that visiting Rome will awaken your senses! 


You got Amsterdam!


You have so many different interests that we don't know how to describe you. All that complexity creates the most beautiful harmony in you. You like discovering and experimenting new things. You are going to enjoy Amsterdam and it's vibrant atmosphere!


You got London!


You are a perfectionist with the most elegant tastes. Did we already tell you that you are a conformist? We envy your amazing life. You put quality over quantity, which sometimes make you a bit arrogant but you have a right to be like that. I mean, look at this beautiful city... Not even going to mention the British accent you can get!

You got Stockholm!


You are the ideal human being. You care about everyone and everything around you. You are a sensitive individual. Sometimes people have hard time understanding you, but don't mind them. You're not that cold. We can see your inner beauty!


You got Dubai!


You enjoy trying out new things because you have an eye for beautiful things around you. You enjoy money and the power it brings to you. You enjoy trying out the latest trends, from fashion to technology. People will think that you are a local here in Dubai! You belong to the desert!

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