Waking Up Unhappy? Here Are 8 Steps To Happier Living

> Waking Up Unhappy? Here Are 8 Steps To Happier Living

We all wanted to grow up immediately when we were little, right? And so we did. But is life as beautiful as we wanted it to be? We didn’t have money and had a lot of things to do if we did. Now we do have money, but don’t have the time to do the things we want to do. We wanted to sleep late, now we're too busy. An incredibly talented illustrator named Shenanigansen from Massachusetts drew the challenges of adulthood, which we found on LifeHack. Here are 8 of the most important things to change your perspective of life. 

Just think about it, is there really a reason to be unhappy?😊

1. Consider every struggle as a lesson to be learned.

Life will bring a lot of struggles, but you should believe in yourself and that everything happens for a reason. You’ll definitely learn something from everything you experience. Good or bad.

2. Start the day doing things you like.

Don’t start thinking about the problems in your life as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. Instead, do things that will make you feel better. Listen to your favorite song while drinking coffee; read something that interests you; do something that will help you to start your day positively.

3. Meet with new people who share the same interests.

Maybe it gets harder to find new friends as you grow older, but you also discover the things you truly like when you become an adult. Attend the concerts of your favorite artists, join clubs for your hobbies, follow good movies; you’ll definitely find new friends!

4. Happiness is just one step away!

Contrary to what people think, happiness is not an impossible thing to find. Stop considering it a problem, enjoy the process of being happy. Value the pleasure of the little things in life; like a coffee with friends, a nice talk, hours you can spend under the blanket with your fav book during winter time. You’ll find more and more reasons to be happy as you start being happy with the littlest things.

5. Take good care of your body.

Stop making excuses for having a healthy body. Understand the importance of the moment you’re in, there’s no turning back! Be careful about what you eat and what you do; you’ll feel better and energetic at the end!

6. Never forget that every problem has a solution in life.

The sooner you solve a problem, the better you’ll feel. And you’ll be twice as motivated to solve future problems once you understand and believe in this fact.

7. Every problem is a new challenge.

Stop blaming yourself or other people for the problems you face with. Once you start considering these problems as an opportunity to grow, life will become a lot smoother.

8. Most importantly: Love yourself!

Write down everything you love about yourself; you can also ask family and friends to do it for you, and read them whenever you feel low to remember how awesome you are!

Life is too short to be sad; so..

Life is too short to be sad; so..