The Scientific Reason Why Women Need More Sleep

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It is scientifically established that women need more sleep than men because their brains work harder. Imagine a woman changing her baby's diaper while talking on the phone and also watching the dish cooking on the stove. You will find it impossible not to agree with the study published on Bright Side!

According to a study conducted at Loughborough University in the UK, the more we use our brain during the day, the more sleep we need.

The study also shows that as women multitask more often, their brains work in a more complex way.

Because women's brain run in a higher and more complex level compared to men, women also need to sleep longer.

While an average adult gets enough rest after sleeping for 6-8 hours, women need another 20 minutes.

And lastly, the negative effects of sleep deprivation are observed way more often in women than men.

Sleep deprivation can cause many problems including depression, stress, anxiety, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

Then it is high time, we women, hit the snooze and got that 20 extra minutes of sleep!
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