Stella McCartney's Most Emotional Design Ever...


Stella McCartney, the daughter of The Beatles member Paul McCartney, has added one more item to her breast cancer work that she has always supported, with this special bra she designed.

In 1998, McCartney lost her mom, Linda Louise McCartney, who had been fighting breast cancer for 3 years.

After this unfortunate loss, she made it her mission to be a part of anything that supports women with breast cancer.

She expanded her work for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month by designing a mastectomy bra!

McCartney designed a special bra for the women who had to have both of their breasts removed by mastectomy. She named this bra  Louise Listening after her mom, whom she loved very dearly, but lost too early.

"Women who have had a mastectomy can still be feminine."

McCartney, who states that a serious operation such as mastectomy can cause big breakdowns for women's psychology, regardless of their religion, nation and language, decided to design a both feminine and comfy bra, in order to help these women to cope with this period more easily.

This light pink and laced bra offers comfort and ease to its users.

Every detail of this bra was thought out with the aim of speeding up the recovery period. In addition to this is the feminine look, which does not apply any pressure on the rib cage. It has also gotten rid of under-wires and is complemented with a zipper in the front for a more comfortable use.

Cara Delevigne modeled for this bra, which has been available since October.

The profit made from this bra, which costs £85, will be donated to the Hello Beautiful Foundation, which supports breast cancer patients and their families.

We congratulate Stella McCartney's thoughtful work! 👏👏👏
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