Shocking Changes Of 22 Boys With Long Hair!


We found these handsome boys on Buzzfeed and had to show them to you. Here are the before and after pictures of 22 men cutting their long hair. Which man do you think has gone through the most shocking change?


1. This blondie 😍

2. I got high and went to the barber 🚬

3. Definitely sexier! 😎😂

4. Same style, just shorter 😅

5. You would look good with any length, my darling 😋

6. I bet your mom didn't recognize you 😎

7. WOW what a change! 🤔

8. Bold moves. 😎😏

9. Oh no, those pretty dreadlocks are gone! 😂😍

10. WOW his long hair looks better than my hair 😍😋

11. Another human going through shocking changes 😂

12. To my understanding, this hair style can make anybody look sexy 😳

13. Couldn't let go of the soft waves. 😏

14. A small but effective change. 🤗

15. "Phew, now I feel lighter" ☺

16. Getting his life in order. 😅

17. Another stylish touch 😈

18. WOW nice hairstyle man! 😎

19. Don't look so sad! 😳

20. Such change, much smile 😍😇

21. A little style change is nice. 😳😅

22. The last shocking change! 😏😉

Which change was the most surprising?

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