See the Bright Side: 15 Reasons to Thank Your Ex

Thanking for dumping you? Well, don't get mad at me but YES! Of course you won't do it in person but you'll see its necessity according to the facts. Let's start thanking.

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First he/she taught you a lesson even though that was an unpleasant one.

Well, you've been dumped and gained experience.

Nothing lasts forever, and it made you see that sometimes things don't go as planned.

And you saw no pain lasts forever, and you experienced healing up process personally.

You gained your freedom back and found yourself.

The worst part: You learnt about knowing someone's value

You saw how much a person can take part in your life, looking at the space he/she left

You criticized yourself, realised your mistakes and noticed his/hers as well

You discovered when you hit rock bottom, you indeed start going up.

You realised you should only trust yourself once again.

You saw you are not irreplaceable, you sort of overcame your ego.

Now you have ginormous room for a new relationship

You experienced 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' at first hand.

You picked your true friends out who were there for you within this hard period

You had a chance to see your vulnerable side.

You realised you can actually get over it -you can forget no matter what it takes.

Bonus - You see you can enjoy your life when you're single, as well? Thank you.

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