Science Explains The Ideal Duration Of Having Sex!!!


When it comes to sex, it is not unusual that everyone has different opinions. Science comes in charge right at this moment. Let's find out the ideal duration of sex according to science.

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1. For starters, experimenting on this subject is not easy.

First, when people are asked about how long they last during intercourse, they tend to extend the duration longer than it actually is. Second, many people don't track the duration naturally.

2. Another problem is understanding where the actual intercourse started.

Some count foreplay into the duration. However, the research skips the duration of the foreplay and focuses on the direct intercourse phase.

3. What are the parameters of these experiments?

In this experiment, 500 couples from different countries are asked to track the duration of their intercourse for a month. The couples hit the stopwatch when they start to have sex and immediately stop it when they finish.

Although, some believe that it is hard to reflect the reality of the situation since it intervenes in the intercourse. However, these are the best results that science has reached up to this day.

4. What are the results?

There were extreme differences between the sex durations. Some took only 33 seconds, while others reached up to 44 minutes.

5. The average duration of that come out of the surface is... -Wait for it!- 5.4 minutes!

As you can see ideal sexual intercourse takes about 5.30 minutes. Considering the varying numbers, It should be noted that there is no such thing as "normal duration" in sex. It is normal that there are slight changes in this duration.

6. According to the results, the shortest intercourse duration is from Turkey with 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

The other participant countries include Holland, UK, Spain and USA.

7. To conclude, according to science, sex has no duration criteria that can be considered normal.

Though, these findings suggest a 5.4 minute duration, usually 4 to 10 minutes is considered as ideal.

That's what's up, folks!

8. How about you? How long is the duration of sex for you without including the foreplay?

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