Our First Crushes: 13 Boybands that We Will Never Forget

They started to appear in early 80s and stole our hearts. They have not only conquered our hearts but also our room’s wall, Walkmans, cassettes/CD/mp3s. Many people also count Beatles or Jackson 5 as boybands which is technically true but in this list we are recalling real boybands that sing pop songs and dance. And the most important reason why we liked them, they were super cool and cute.

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1. New Kids On The Block

The vanguard of the boybands. In 90s 99.99% of the girls had this band’s poster on their wall. Jordan Knight was the favorite.

2. Take That

British comeback to New Kids On The Block. Two stars have born from this band; Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow.

3. Boyzone

This Irish boyband gained its popularity during 90s. Ronan Keating continued solo to his career. Another member Stephen Gately passed away on 2009.

4. Hanson

This band consisted of 3 brothers. Maybe they were an inspiration for Jonas Brothers?

5. 98º (98 Degrees)

98 Degrees was not as popular as the other boybands but the marriage of Nick Lachey with Jessica Simpson brought them more fame.

6. Backstreet Boys

End of the 90s was the golden age of boybands. Backstreet Boys was at the spot of teen mags and posters.

7. 'N Sync

Another great boyband from late 90s. Justin Timberlake made his debut with this band.

8. Westlife

The band stayed together till 2012.

9. A1

The Norwegian boyband made some worldwide hits.

10. 5ive (Five)

Grungy look of the members brought a fresh breeze to boybands in 2000.

11. O-Town

MTV branded group was like a parody of boybands at that time.

12. B2K

Another boyband but with a twist, only black members this time.

13. Blue

The most successful group of the last years of boybands. There was a big discussion going on in schools, Lee or Duncan?

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