Opossum Plays Dead When Faced With a Difficulty, Opossum is Smart, Be Like Opossum

These pouched rats are the only family of the pouched order Didelphimorphia. They live only in America and are the biggest pouched animal family that live outside of Australia. The name "Opossum" is very widely used as well as pouched rat.

Pouched rats resemble to rats or mice in terms of looks. They can reach the length of 8-50 cm and weight of 13 gr- 5 kg. Their fur is short, dense, wool-like and mixed colored. Their tails are mostly longer than themselves. Many species use their prehensile tail to climb and grasp. Their legs are short and their feet have a big toe. 

Pouched rats are mostly nocturnal and live alone. Most of the species live on the trees and others on the ground. The water opossum has a suitable body structure for living in water.

In the family of pouched rats there are few species that actually have a pouch. The ones who don't have a pouch have a skin layer under which between 7 and 27 teats, where the pouch would be located. Their gestation, which takes around 12-14 days, is very short and actually the shortest among mammals. They always give birth to many babies whose development also takes a short time. The life expectancy of the most species is around 1-2 years.

These cute creatures, who we also come across with in the animation series Ice Age, are known best for their reaction to danger: playing dead (or playing opossum). Opossum is smart... When we see such animals, we usually can't help but think "Where the hell do other people find and keep such animals?"

Source: http://onedio.com/haber/opossum-zoru-gor...

1. Although they are "rats", they are damn adorable.

2. They are very well capable of keeping you company.

3. They like being alone and are peaceful.

4. They are pretty friendly.

5. They look like human babies with their thumbs.

6. There is something called "the cuteness of an opossum hanging from a branch with its tail" and it is real.

7. They are naive and delicate animals.

8. They are curious and human-friendly species.

9. You can take them on your lap and pet them like a cat.

10. They are highly photogenic.

11. If you look at them directly, they look like they are smiling at you.

12. They are very successful at parenting.

13. They won't reject it when they are offered food.

14. They are very popular on Instagram.

15. They are total bad-asses with their unkempt looks.

16. They are truly mama's boy.

17. They also provide public transportation services.

18. This one, for example, is not sleeping but using its biggest weapon... It is playing dead.

19. They are kind of a mixture of bat, lemur, meerkat and mouse.

20. I mean just look at this! Isn't it cuter than a cat?

21. Cuddle and sleep with it!

22. Dress it up and take it for a trip!

23. Warm it by covering it with a towel!

24. Put your rain-hood on and rap with it!

Opossum, sevimli, akıllı, dürüst, dost canlısı, cingöz gibi bir hayvan... Opossum gibi ol.

25. Opossum is a cute, smart, honest and friendly animal. Be like opossum.

Look at it, such a jackal!

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