New Generation Dolls Inspired By Real Role Models Instead Of Idealized Bodies

Toys are big part of a child's life, and can become a source of pride and meaning for them. Kids don't just play with or talk to their toys; but often imitate them. However, the dolls available in toy stores today have over-idealised bodies, and can actually have wrong impacts on a kid's identity and their understanding of "beauty".

Dolls are generally either overly sexualized bodies or the heroines of fantastic Hollywood movies. But why can't they be  inspired by real-life women who are also strong, unique heroes? 

Designer Wendy Tsao repaints and re-clothes the manufactured dolls into the likeness of real, inspiring women – as young girls. It aims at inspiring children with the stories of these remarkable women, letting them have conversations about them; and therefore showing that these women were once children too and everyone has a potential.  

We all want our kids to take real success as example, right? :)


1. Malala Yousafzai - Pakistani activist - Youngest Nobel Prize laureate

2. J.K. Rowling - Author of Harry Potter series

3. Waris Dirie - Somali model, author, social activist

4. Roberta Bondar - First female Canadian astronaut

5. Jane Goodall - British primatologist - UN Messenger of Peace

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