Nail it! Find the Best Shape for Your Nails

Once upon a time there was only French manicure, but now with nail art madness nails are on spot like they have never been before. Simply polishing your nails is not acceptable anymore, you need to work on them like art pieces. Also the style, polish, color they give all the hints about your character. Check the most fashionable styles and their meanings.


Long nails are back!

By saying long we don’t refer the long witchy nails. If you keep them at mid-length it gives a classy and elegant look.

Nail Shapes

Square, Squoval, Round, Oval, Almond, Ballerina, Stiletto


The most classical one. Also the most natural look and advised by doctors. Choice of practical, protective and romantic people.


Another classical one. It works well with both short and long nail. Only problem with this style is it can be easily broken from the corners. Choice of strong, entrepreneur-spirited and showy people.


One of the most elegant syles. Choice of ambitious, strong and feminine people.


Longer version of the round style.


The most fashionable nail style now. This is a bit spikier version of oval. It shows fingers longer than they are. Choice of avant-garde and modernist people.

In the video they show how you can get perfectly symmetrical almond nails.

Bu videoda nasıl simetrik badem tırnaklar elde edileceği gösteriliyor.


It gets its name from stiletto shoes. When you increase the pointiness of almond style, you get stiletto. It’s really difficult to take care of but if you can handle well you have the fanciest and hippest look. Choice of adventurous, brave and sexy people.


Insired by ballerina shoes. This is the latest trend of the nail art.


Another crazy trend. It is really difficult to use.


Also named as “Duck” nails because of it’s similarity to duck beak. Jersey Shore is the home of this fashion trend. Fake nails needed to get this look.

Celebrity’s Choices

Kylie Jenner’s latest choice is ballerina.

Rihanna switches between styles. Stiletto, almond, square and squoval are her favorites.

Lana Del Rey’s choice is oval and almond.

Lady Gaga always goes for stiletto.

Katy Perry usually prefers short round or oval.

Kim Kardashian is not a fan of long nails, her style is short & square.

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