More Than a Plastic Bag, Almost a Mindset: Bim Plastic Bag Case with 24 Photographs

1. Is this legal? You don’t want to mess with Dutch police…

2. Best packaging choice for Whisky.

3. Bim Plastic Bag as a screen protector.

4. I don’t want a lame Pisa pose, let’s try something creative…

5. A great DIY Project: How to turn a torch into a lamp.

6. She shared a photo from Nice, France and says “Bim Plastic Bag is a lifestyle”.

7. It’s everywhere…

8. When you don’t have a kitchen bib and you have to improvise, there is Bim Plastic Bag.

9. You don’t need anyone to shop from Bim.

10. Remember the guy who used it as a kitchen bib? They should marry!

11. From Rome with Love… A vintage bike will never be complete without Bim Plastic Bag.

12. If you don’t have a plastic bonnet, try Bim Plastic Bag. We heard a rumor that the Bim Plastic Bag has a special formula that will make your hair even stronger and brighter.

13. New York, USA. From Turkey, it takes 10 hours to arrive there. This time Bim Plastic Bag is not alone, its friend A101 Plastic Bag is accompanying it.

14. It is perfectly in harmony with the Vatican’s spirit.

15. Navona Square, Roma…

16. Traditional Japanese room.

17. Leaked photo from the SS16 Haute-couture collections.

18. Proud presence of Bim Plastic Bag in Paris.

19. Even with the Eiffel Tower…

20. It feels like a warm hug.

21. When you are too hot for the picture and need to cover your face…

22. Will it fit?

23. Pisa again… If only he push a bit more they can fit it in.

24. Location: Germany, Event: Wicked Festival, Music Genre: Metal, Plastic Bag: BİM

Bonus: Bim Plastic Bag doesn’t catch fire.

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