Meet Manny, The Selfie Cat

Probably this cat takes better selfies than you. You should check Manny's pictures for inspiration.


Manny is a talented cat.

He is "the king of selfies".

Is it a duck-face?!? 😁

Sometimes alone...

Sometimes with homies...

With some other friends :)

His owner says Manny "thinks he's a dog".

He is super cool 😁

Yüzü gözü biraz şey çıkmış olabilir ama kompozisyon iyi şimdi...

Probably Manny is the annoying "selfie-boy" of the group.

Another great selfie from Manny.

Rarely he has selfies with cats.

He is also fun :)

Anyway he takes better selfies than most of us.

You can check his instagram profile from here :)

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