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Life Hack Secret To Getting Cheap Books On Amazon

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If you're like me and buy a lot of books on hard copy, you probably agree with me that this is a significant budget, right? A simple order of 3 to 4 new books at $ 20 each and we are already at an invoice of $ 80 plus shipping costs.

Now, what if I told you that it is possible to get physical books for around $ 6 to $ 9 rather than $ 15 to $ 25? This is what I discovered at the beginning of the year when I challenged myself to read all the books that existed on the subject of productivity.

To achieve my goal, I decided to order 30 books in one go that I would read throughout the year. However, I quickly realized that this represented a hefty budget of $ 600 (30 pounds x $ 18 on average + taxes and shipping) that I didn't necessarily have.

That's why I started looking for potential alternatives to get all of these books for less and discovered a little secret about paying for my books half price on Amazon.

It's about buying used books for less than $ 1 plus shipping, which works out to about $ 6 to $ 9 rather than $ 15 to $ 25 when buying new books.

“This technique allowed me to get 30 books on productivity at around $ 230 rather than $ 600
This technique allowed me to spend less. Since I discovered this technique, I use it practically every time I order physical books and it saves me money for sure.

If you're interested in getting books for half the price, keep reading this article, because I'll show you how.

Step 1: Create a wishlist

The first thing to do is to open your Amazon account (.com, .ca, .fr, etc.) and create a wishlist for the books that interest you. Name this list "Books to Buy".

To do this, you just have to click on the “wishlist” tab and then choose the “Create a wishlist” option.

Step 2: Add books to your wishlist

Then search for the books that interest you using Amazon's search engine and add them to your wishlist.
To do this, simply click on the book that interests you, then choose the option "add to your wishlist".

For my part, I have over 90 productivity books on my wishlist.

Step 3: Identify used books under $ 1

Now that you've added a few books to your wishlist, this is where you can use My Little Secret to get books for half the price.

It is about choosing used books in excellent condition rather than buying new books. This will ensure that the price will be reduced by at least 50%, while still having a book in great condition.

Check your wishlist and see the price of second-hand items. This is written in tiny under the title and the regular price of the book.

You will then see that some books on your wishlist are offered for less than $ 1 in a used (second-hand) version.
Individually click on each book on your Wish List under $ 1 and move on to the next step.

Step 4: Select the cheapest and best condition books

Now that you are on the page for a particular book, you will see the different offers for new and used books at different prices. Make sure you select the cheapest and best condition second-hand books.

The ideal is to find books for $ 0.01 with a delivery charge of $ 6.49. This comes down to $ 6.50 per pound. It's practically the cheapest you can find using this method. Some books under $ 1 with very low delivery costs are also worth it, for example, $ 0.42 with a delivery charge of $ 6.49.

You must also pay particular attention to the condition of the book so as not to have any unpleasant surprises. Buy only books that are in "like new", "excellent", "very good" and "good" condition. Do not buy books that are "good" or "acceptable" unless you are prepared to receive a badly worn book.

Step 5: Place the order

Now that you have chosen the undamaged books that are available for under $ 1 and with low shipping costs, you can place your order.

Make sure you choose the standard delivery option so that you don't have any additional costs.

Step 6: Apply a coupon

If you have access to Amazon coupon codes, now is the right time to apply them to your order page, with that, you’ll get more money to save on your purchase.

The result

Now that you have placed the order, all you have to do is receive your books. In the meantime, here is what you can expect when it comes to the quality of the books you will receive.

The books are used, but are in relatively good or excellent condition (provided you have selected the books in excellent condition).

Some will be practically new and have no signs of wear or highlighter.
Others will be marked with a public library imprint but will be in excellent condition.

Others will be more damaged: writing, highlighting, folded pages.

Out of all the books I have ordered using this method, I would tell you that about 1 in 5 books has more wear marks than others, but for the vast majority these are excellent books, acondition that appears like new. It's worth trying.


So here's my little secret to getting books for half price on Thanks to this technique, I was able to build a beautiful library of over 50 books on productivity at an extraordinary price.

Now that you know the technique, you just have to check your wish list at certain times. You'll find that some of the books you're interested in might not be under $ 1 right now, but they will sooner or later. It is enough to seize the opportunity at the right time.

I hardly buy new books at full price anymore, except when I need them and they aren't available used for less than $ 1. Instead, I wait until the books on my wishlist are available for less than $ 1 and order them as I manage to get them for cheap.The decision is therefore up to you whether you would rather buy new books and pay more or buy used books in excellent condition and save a lot of money.

Created by an Onedio member. No intervention by Onedio Staff. You can freely create Onedio content.

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