Kim Kardashian Was Widely Criticized By Her Fans After Photoshopping Her Butt!


Kim Kardashian shared a photo to Instagram on Thursday morning to promote her new Flashing Lights Collection, but she was criticized because of photoshopping her butt!

Kim Kardashian shared naked photos on her social media to promote her latest Kim Kardashian Beauty line.

She continued to serve a sultry pose in her latest shots.

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Kim Kardashian Poses Naked for Her New Make-Up Advert! -

However, she was severely criticized by fans because they concerned with her 'photoshop fail'.

Her followers realizes that she photoshopped her butt to make it smaller!

Because Kim is known for her famously large derriere!

But in the photos, her derriere was noticeably smaller than normal.

One commented: 'Crazy how they photoshopped your fake butt to make it smaller. What an oxymoron'

Another one said: 'It's [her bottom] Tiny. Why pay all that money to make it gigantic just for them to make it small in pics. Makes no sense.'

It seems that some of her 119 million followers were really not happy with her photoshopping.

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