Kim Kardashian Poses Naked for Her New Make-Up Advert!


Kim Kardashian shared a photo to Instagram on Thursday morning to promote her new Flashing Lights Collection which offers new jewel toned eye shadow colors...

As all of you know that Kim Kardashian, the star counting 105 million Instagram followers, has launched her own beauty line, KKW Beauty.

Now she revealed a look at her latest product release named "Flashing Lights" in honor of her upcoming 38th birthday.

Kim placed her hands over her chest for extra modesty, while her head hung upside down off the side of the bed.

Kim captioned the shot on her Instagram page: "A little silver eye this morning! Flashing Lights Collection by @david_lachapelle Available this Friday Exclusively on"

She poses with a man as they prop up a dove in the shots.

The star also donned a silver leotard in another pic from the campaign.

Her fans gushed over the sexy image, with one writing: "I love your confidence" while another added: "So beautiful Kim."

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