Gather Around Girls! We Are Revealing The Beauty Secrets Of Marilyn Monroe, The Sexiest Woman Ever Lived

Meet Allan "Whitey" Snyder

The man behind these poetic lips,

Those flawless eyelashes,

And the technicolor-worthy glowing skin

It wasn't only Monroe who trusted Snyder with her million-dollar face; among his clientele, were other stars such as:

Katharine Hepburn,

Doris Day,

And Raquel Welch.

"Whitey" who had been the man behind Monroe's famous visage from her first movie to her funeral, shared the beauty secrets behind the sexiest woman ever lived:

1. Vaseline as a primer and highlighter!

While you can't probably imagine it as a substitute for your feather-light moisturiser, petroleum jelly was always Monroe's base before applying her foundation. This gave her a soft focus glow under the studio lights. 

Snyder would also use the vaseline as a highlighter, applying it to the cheekbones to have a more shiny finishing.

2. Five different shades to contour lips!

The trick of Snyder's signature technique is to apply darker reds on the outer corners and lighter shades in the middle to add dimension. Then, topping things off by using highlighter on the cupid's bow and bottom lip.

And a dab of lip gloss or vaseline onto lids for a subtle, wet-look finish.

3. The shinier, the sexier!

Although Whitey used mostly vaseline for glistening Monroe's lids, coconut oil was also one of her favourites for the same purpose.

4. Tips for false eyelashes!

Monroe liked her lashes longer and more voluminous with help from fringy falsies, but with natural-looking results. Therefore, Snyder would cut her false eyelash strips in half and apply them only to the outer corners of her eyes.

5. Having "Greta Garbo Eyes"!

Monroe literally called it the "Greta Garbo eye," as Garbo was one of her favorite silent screen stars

To make "Garbo eyes", Whitey applied white eye shadow on her lids all the way up to the brow bone to add more depth.

6. For a dewy look: combination of black, brown, white, and red eyeliners!

This technique Whitey claimed could make even the smallest eyes big enough, shows his make-up genius; but it's a bit laborious:

First, he applied black liner to her upper lids,

Then a brown liner to waterlines to make lower eyelashes more visible

And for a shady look, he also extended the lash lines with wings to elongate.

And sketched out a small white triangle on the outer corner of the eye, in between the top and lower liner wings

The aim is to make eyes look bigger and wider.

Lastly, he put a dot with red liner in the inner corner.

7. Guess who pioneered contouring make up, long before the days of Kim Kardashian?

The answer: Whitey!

While we're well-versed in the art of using blush to contour our faces, it was Whitey who applied it first on Monroe ; but with one difference: Using blush instead of bronzer.

 To shape Monroe's nose, he would tap a little bit of the pinky blush he used to contour her cheeks on the tip of her nose. The results? The illusion of shorter, more defined nose.

8. Smaller foreheads!

Whitey drew Monroe's eyebrows in peaks to widen the distance between eye and eyebrows, which Monroe believed helped minimize the wideness of her forehead.

Needless to say, Marilyn Monroe's make up would take hours.

And it's not just easy to be Marilyn Monroe!


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