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Fascinating Packaging Boxes Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

Fascinating Packaging Boxes Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

As we are in the new year, and even in the new decade. It is the year when packaging industry starts up to think about what packaging trends, we have this year. There are some dominating things about the packaging which influence your business.

The use of Augmented Reality (AR)

As we are in the new decade, the packaging industry focus on smart packaging which revolves around AR. Numerous packaging design has continuous innovation because of the adoption of augmented reality. According to a report, AR adds 36.2 billion in the UK economy, a 2.4% boost to GDP in upcoming years.

We can see that new innovative packaging design also increase consumer interest in your product. A recycled box is preferred more than a simple box. Packaging boxes with innovative designs can allow the customer to experience new innovative packaging boxes of their product.

AR packaging allowed customers to use their smartphones to create their box and bring it to life. Through interactive boxes, you can educate your customers about many things.

From the past few years, the trend of custom packaging boxes has come a long way. But traditional packaging methods are still going up, but in the meantime, AR packaging is also becoming popular. It results in more customer engagement, and they are more likely to purchase your product.

Customer Experience is Essential

What is the main purpose of the packaging? To keep the product safe from manufacture to the consumer end.
But, unfortunately, over the years, retailers focus more on convincing than the
protection of the items. And what I saw is that some retailers use too much
packaging for their boxes, which result in harming customer experience.

It is essential to understand the importance of packaging trend, and therefore you can please the retailers with the new range. Unique packaging ideas make sure to increase your product sale. For instance, cardboard protectors ensure to
keep your product remain in perfect condition. Therefore, you can stay
on-trend, and the customer will always be pleased.

Moreover, one thing is clear product safety and need for packaging as well as convivence of retailers matters a lot.

Sustainability Required to Focus on Packaging Design

In 2020 there will be a significant packaging trend. The increasing business thing about the materials they use. That one of the main reasons to think about changing the material used because of significant plastic within the packaging. By with time, the role of plastic in packaging is diminishing.

Sustainable packaging, without any doubt, has a positive impact on brands image. Moreover, the use of right material and unique packaging design can reduce the waste emission throughout. The overall contribution also reduces carbon emission. Besides, by switching to lightweight, packaging retailers can also save transportation cost.

In recent studies, 29% of retailers have effect and benefits form that. Consumers are willing to pay more for environment-friendly packaging boxes. Therefore, when you think about sustainable packaging, these materials must be your priority. The essential thing about this packaging trend is to promote corporate responsibilities and increase brand awareness for a good purpose.

Introduce Corrugated Packaging, to Help Meet other Trends

As we discussed how important packaging boxes have become due to increase in demand. Therefore, connected back to customers experience, corrugated and rigid materials are essential packaging trend.

With its sturdy and sustainable qualities, corrugated packaging enables retailers to offers their customers a positive unboxing and also replace plastic alternatives. Many experts stated that in this year, we see a real shift in packaging from other materials towards corrugated packaging material.

It is the best material to provide safety and protection to your product. By the end of this year, you will see corrugated boxes has taken the place of other boxes around the world as well.Minimalism

Minimalism is the key trend in 2020. It is the trend which is going to be influential in packaging. The aesthetic look will always be vital in the packaging sector, and design in 2020 will be minimalist.

These designs are going to play a crucial role in eye-catching consumer, even on the Instagram user. The consumer has an image in their mind, which attracts them, and aesthetically design custom packaging boxes images from influencers can be excepted.

And in this year more brands are investing in fascinating boxes, and they are updating primary packaging to product identity. Therefore, Simplistic and clean design is crucial for packaging this year. Minimalism is about to focus on simple
ingredients for packaging. That is why consumer likes to have less complicated
packaging and environment-friendly boxes.

The things which make your Boxes Mesmerising

There are several things which make your boxes different and unique from the rest of the brands. And the things are their material, packaging design, colours pattern and add-ons. 

The options you have for materials are card-stock, Cardboard, Kraft and Corrugated. As the trend is changing and brands moving towards corrugated boxes which is the good option overall.

But consumer wants eco-friendly boxes, and for this purpose, Kraft material is considered well as it has many features which proved beneficial for our environment. And it is the ideal packaging material.

When it comes to printing you, the traditional method is used. To make them alluring, you can add your unique colour pattern. For this purpose, you have two colours selecting options, and that is CMYK and PMS. Both of them offers plenty of options to their maker to design aesthetically fascinating patterns.

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Created by an Onedio member. No intervention by Onedio Staff. You can freely create Onedio content.

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