Don't Be Fooled By Their Public Image: 18 Visuals That Show Why You Should Be Scared Of Turtles

Turtles, turts or turties... They are so adorable right? Wrong! Obviously you haven't got bitten by one of them before.

You thin all the turtles are like this one: Cute, adorable, harmless...

1. But they are actually wild animals with strong jaws.

2. They are very strong biters.

3. They are cruel enough to attack you even in the most sensitive area, when you least expect it

4. No matter how relatively big you are

5. Looks like they rely on their jaws

6. Just try yourself with a pineapple.

7. Like a bouncing lowrider!

8. Even if you are a horse!

9. Cmoon it's a turtle, how violent can it be? Really, just see how violent it can get!

10. Expert on making fuss, bully of the house.

11. When they can't bite, they headbutt.

12. So the animal that can actually do this is harmless, naive and slow?

13. Just look at this aggression!

14. Just look at the rage on this beast's face!

15. Fearless, reckless, cranky.

16. You think they are weak, but they can actually push tractors!!

17. If you are too naive about them, then you are too vulnerable.

18. But the smart ones are always cautious.

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