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Choosing A Walking Cane for Seniors


Choosing A Walking Cane for Seniors

Choosing A Walking Cane for Seniors

Are you looking for a walking cane? You might have to decide between a standard cane, a telescopic walking cane, or a cane made from Bamboo. Here is how each one works and the pros and cons of using that particular type of walking cane.

A standard can offer more options, not at your fingertips, than other types of canes, but it can cause greater pain as you practice natural posture. A telescopic bar offers the ability to adjust and less back pain because it has less weight. A bamboo-made walking cane is one of the best choices because it's lightweight and has no sharp edges that lead to accidental injuries.

Standard Walking Cane

The standard walking cane has a single point of contact with the ground, not recommended for all users. This walking cane can cause more pain as you walk because it forces your body into an unnatural posture. It would be best to place the standard walking cane under the armpit or on your forearm to provide proper support for the body. With the use of a cane similar to this, you can gain stability and learn how to move correctly without causing damage to your joints. Dura-cane, INC offers Dura-cane Silver Arthritis Cane, designed by engineers devoted to helping seniors maintain their mobility through daily activities.

Bamboo Walking Cane

If you're looking for a walking cane made from Bamboo, check out the senior-supported website for where to buy a cane. This product is crafted with a strong bamboo ergonomically designed to help provide additional support for your upper body. The lightweight structure of this walking cane is easy to use for people of all ages and offers a choice of gold, black, and silver colorations. The Bamboo has antibacterial properties and will not splinter or crack in extreme temperatures.

Telescopic Walking Cane

A telescopic walking cane uses a flexible shaft to adjust the height according to your needs. You can adjust the cane from 30" up to 48" within seconds without the tools required. The telescopic shaft also offers the user the ability to place the cane under their arm for additional senior support and balance. The cane is lightweight and made from durable aluminum to prevent rusting or other types of damages. You can use it for air travel with a cane, which means you can pack it easily without worrying about carrying additional luggage.

Final Thoughts

As you choose your walking cane, look at the grip and handle to ensure they are textured. If it has a rubberized grip, this will help prevent accidentally dropping it as you walk or lean on it for stability. Make sure your grip offers a texture that will provide ease of use and comfort as you use it during your daily routines. However, you can read up on other canes available to see which ones you're most comfortable with.

Seniorsupported Providing comfort and safety to seniors when they need to stick to a budget. There is an elegant solution for anyone seeking a walking aid with canes such as the telescopic walking cane and the Bamboo For Life.

Created by an Onedio member. No intervention by Onedio Staff. You can freely create Onedio content.

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