An Original and Fascinating Work: The Origami-Inspired Cardboard Car!

This life-size replica Lexus was created by a team of professional designers and modelers from specialist companies based in London by using 1700 laser-cut cardboard sheets. And believe it or not, the "origami car" actually runs!

1. Every single part of the car is made of cardboards, including tires, wing mirrors and even steering wheel.

2. The car has 1,700 laser-cut cardboard pieces.

3. And the entire car took over a three-month period to complete

4. The modelers used a digital 3D model of the IS, provided by Lexus, which was then divided into a series of parts.

5. Each layer was given its own reference number.

6. The entire car was hand-built

7. It is only made of cardboards except the lamps and the aluminium frame on which the car is mounted.

8. All the parts were digitally rendered in 10mm-thick "slices".

9. then laser-cut

10. and hand-assembled one by one.

11. Even the interior is all made of cardboards.

12. And the crazy part is it actually runs!

13. Its aluminium and steel frame together with an electric motor allow the car to drive at low speeds.

14. However the car was only designed for the Grand Designs Live Show consumer exhibition in Birmingham, UK between 8-11 October

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