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7 most destructive batsmen in IPL history


One of the most exciting aspects in the IPL is the batsmen scoring quickly and putting bowlers under stress. While fans love yorkers who crash stumps, the majority are still drawn to the sight of the ball being launched behind into the stands. This is why batsmen who can smash the ball are popular during the IPL. As another season begins, we take an in-depth review of seven of the biggest risky players within the Indian T20 league.

1. Andrew Russell

In terms of massive striking, Andre Russell is an IPL legend. He can hit the ball for a long-distance and often enough that bowlers will be discouraged. Some of the most impressive performances during the IPL have been credited to Russell at times in times when KKR have faced their backs towards the ground, particularly in the IPL's 2019 edition. He is the most dangerous batsman in IPL. In that season, he hit the ball with 510 runs at a remarkable speed of 204.81 and four fifties. It was a solitary spectacle for KKR the year they played since Russell was their most powerful player. It wasn't a one-off, however.Russell recorded 300 runs or more in the seasons of 2015 and 2018 with the strike rate that were 192.89 and 184.79 respectively.

Andre Russell's strike rate over the course of his career during the IPL: (182.33 after 74 games)

2. Chris Gayle

Big-hitting is a West Indian trait. If Russell is the hottest, Chris Gayle is the first boss. He has played an ill-advised mockery of bowling for more than 10 years. After turning 40, he doesn't stop. Gayle continues to be the fastest 100 as well as the record for the highest score, and the most sixes struck during one IPL innings. The three records were set in 2013 when he scored an unbeaten 175 in the match for RCB at Pune Warriors in 2013. He scored 100 in only 30 balls and hit 17 sixes. The previous year, Gayle managed to whack 288 runs over seven matches with Punjab Kings at a strike rate of 137.14. Gayle has scored at least six hundred in the IPL which is the highest of any batsman in the T20 league.

Chris Gayle's strike-rate in the IPL:(150.11 after 132 matches)

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3. AB de Villiers

Ab de Villiers isn't known in the title of Mr. 360 just for the sake of it. He has incredible strokes that can be played all over the field. If it's the bouncer, or a yorker ABD can transform good shots into boundaries. If you're bowling the length of ABD, only God can help you. Through the years, by Villiers has won matches for RCB from positions where all seemed lost. He hit the three sixes in succession off Jaydev Udkat over to make a difference in a match with Rajasthan Royals last season. In another match that even Virat Kohli was struggling in the middle, by Villiers took a leisurely 70-plus mark. South Africa is desperately missing his contributions to international cricket following his sudden decision to withdraw in May of 2018.

AB de Villiers' career strike rate in the IPL:(151.91 after 169 matches)

4. Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya's popularity exploded after the IPL. Through the years, he's been in the field and smashed the crucial 30s and 40s quickly. Many times, these hits have proven crucial in the process of defeat or defeat for the Mumbai Indians. Despite his slender frame Pandya has the capability to strike the ball for a long distance. It is his ability to consistently score those crucial appearances that are his greatest advantage. Pandya is now able to do similar work for India and has had a similarly impressive result. Pandya was evaluated against a short ball of England's bowlers. It would be interesting to note if fast bowlers are targeting him in the area that is prone to attack during the IPL.

Hardik Pandya's hit rate during the IPL:(159.26 after 80 matches)

5. Virender Sehwag

T20 cricket, as a way designed for batsmen who were destructive similar to Virender Sehwag. Even though Sehwag, the former India cricketer played just a few games in the format that was developed for the national team, however, he was a fan of his team playing in the IPL. He first played with Delhi Capitals and later for Punjab Kings. He scored five consecutive fifties during the IPL in 2012, setting a record that has since been surpassed by Jos Buttler and David Warner. Similar to the time he played, Sehwag embraced the "see the ball, then hit the ball" method in the IPL too, and managed to smash two hundred and sixteen fifty-fifty. Fans were lucky enough to see the very best of dancing Sehwag during the IPL.

Virender Sehwag's lifetime strike percentage in the IPL:(155.44 from 104 matches)

6. Kieron Pollard

It's not shocking that another West Indian batsman's name has been mentioned in the list. The present West Indies limited-overs skipper, Kieron Pollard, is the latest batsman to score six the size of a six at the international level. In the IPL in the IPL, playing for Mumbai Indians, his ball-hitting capability has never been doubted. Pollard was the man of the match, with an unbeaten 60 off 32, when Mumbai Indians lifted the IPL trophy for the first time in 2013. Pollard hit seven 4s as well as three powerful sixes during his innings. In the 2015 final He again contributed 36 off 18 as Mumbai claimed the trophy for the second time. The Return of the Likes of Hardik as well as the Krunal Pandya Have Eased the Tension on Pollard However, he's an integral component of the Mumbai Indians' big-hitting set in the middle.

Kieron Pollard's strike-rate for the IPL:(149.87 from 164 matches)

7. Rishabh Pant

It was a tense battle between two wicketkeeper-batsman who are wildly different to win the last slot which was occupied by Delhi Capitals' Rishabh Pant and Rajasthan Royals' Jos Buttler. There was not much to pick between the two. The Indian took the top spot due to his slightly higher average and strike rate. Pant has had a fantastic performance in international cricket over the last few months, which culminated in his being named DC captain in place of the injured Shreyas Iyer. The truth is, Pant has done reasonably as well as a batsman with the club. Pant blasted a dazzling 128 not-out from 63 balls (15 seven sixes and seven fours) during the IPL 2018, playing against an SRH attack by Bhuvneshwar Kumar Shakib Al-Hasan as well as Rashid Khan. Also, he has 12 fifties from 68 games. That is a remarkable conversion rate. Pant'

Rishabh Pant's score in IPL:(151.97 from 68 matches)

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