41 Creative İdeas to Use Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallet is a great material to use in DIY projects. It's natural and healthy. Check this list to inspire yourself for ideas and projects!

Source: http://onedio.com/haber/-palet-deyip-gec...

1. For starters, if you don't know: This is a wooden pallet.

2. It's a really simple material.

3. But when you put a little bit creativity...

4. You can do beautiful...

5. Interesting

6. Functional

7. and amazing things.

8. It's super simple.

9. But yet...

10. ...You will love it!

11. It's just wood, so it's all natural.

12. Both great for indoor and outdoor use.

13. Some projects need more experience.

14. Or you can choose simpler projects for start.

15. Just be creative!

16. Or get inspire from this list :)

17. For bathroom...

18. A super cool bed

19. Book shelf

20. Coffee table

21. In the garden

22. TV stand

23. Cool decors

24. Cat stairs

25. This requires experience :)

26. This one, not.

27. You only need few tools.

28. Really simple.

29. Study desk

30. For kitchen use

31. Hanger

32. Coffee table

33. For kids.

34. Great for play rooms

35. Dining room

36. Garden

37. At anywhere!

38. Another coffee table

39. TV stand

40. Table

41. Just be creative!

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