39 Cats Taking Weird Sleeping Positions to Another Level

It’s the age of internet and therefore, cats. Everyone knows how crazy cats can get. Staring at a certain point for hours, having the guts to against even crocodiles or bears and much more weirdness surround them. We’d accept it if they slept all peacefully and normally but they don’t do that for sure…Here, have a look.

1. Feeling the unbearable weight of life on its shoulders…

2. “Why am I even alive?”

3. Went from sleeping to vegetative state…

4. “Save me from this hellhole!”

5. “I ain’t sleeping bruh. Just daily meditation.”

6. “I don’t give a single fuck, I’m a cat!”

7. “Washed ashore…”

8. “Here, take another photo doing this.”

9. “How did I cat now? I forgot...”

10. Sleepy cuddles time!

11. “I know the best watermelon, here let me see…”

12. “I was the best at gymnastics at school!”

13. “Got a problem?”

14. “No plumber needed, Sir we got it!”

15. “Do you think this pose is cute? I’ll send it to my agency.”

16. “Beach, summer, holiday…Just pretending.”

17. The one that goes to sleep when annoyed. “I’ll sleep on it, I’ll be fine.”

18. Sleeping ‘secretly’ during class.

19. Went into a trance looking herself in the mirror. “I’m just THAT pretty.”

20. How unfortunate…

21. “Go away! Or I’ll burn down this house!”

22. “Mmhm, yeah mmhm that’s interesting. Yes, yes I totally get you…”

23. “Now you are a bed hooman! OBEY!”

24. “Did we sleep like this? Oh maaan.”

25. Fell asleep during playtime. Awwww

26. Sleeping with the mouth open…

27. “What the? How? Oh well, might as well sleep…”

28. “Don’t let anything bother you anymore. Fuck it all!”

29. During finals…

30. “Uuuuggh. Shouldn’t have done that last round of tequila.”

31. So lonely it sleeps on its own shoulder. : (((

32. “I don’t even know what I’m doing here…”

33. The Town Musicians of Bremen

34. “I’ll just play dead. Maybe they’ll leave.”

35. After a home party…

36. Not letting my guard down even when I’m sleeping.

37. “What? I’m just adding some more excitement to my life.”

38. “I need a proper tan this summer.”

39. “Hello kids, today we’ll talk about spiral galaxies…”

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