39 Cats saying “I am not myself when I am sleeping.” with their sleeping positions.

Everybody is more or less familiar with the fact that cats are strange creatures. There are kinds that look at a point on the wall for minutes and also those that attack every animal they see including bears and alligators; without any consideration of their own body size. It is understandable that they act funny when they are awake, but they are interesting even when they are asleep.

1. Fed up with the burden of life

2. Wondering “Why am I even breathing?”

3. Already gave up on life and in a vegetative state…

4. Begging god “Take me away from here”

5. “I am not sleeping, this is my daily meditation.”

6. “Dude, I am just a cat, I don’t give a f*ck.”

7. Washed up onto a shore…

8. “And can you take one more like this?”

9. “I don’t remember how to cat anymoreç”

10. Whomever it is hugging in its dream…

11. “I know all about watermelons, let me handle this.”

12. “I was the best at gymnastics in primary school.”

13. “Whatcha lookin at bruh, is there a problem?”

14. “No need to call the plumber, I've got this.”

15. “Is this pose good? I am going to send it to the agency.”

16. “Lying on the beach…”

17. One of those who sleep when there is a problem and say “It will be fine once I wake up”...

18. One of those who sleep in the classroom but still try to play it cool...

19. One of those who go into a trance in front of the by being mesmerized of their own beauty...

20. An unlucky dude…

21. “Don’t bother me, or I will burn down your house.”

22. “Yeah, you are right, that’s true, yes, yeah, of course dear, exactly, exactly.”

23. “And now you are my bed, slave!”

24.“Is this how I should be sleeping?”

25. Fell asleep while playing…

26. One of those who sleep with open mouth…

27. “What the f*ck am I doing here? Nevermind, I will just take a nap, then.”

28. “From now on the motto is: Don’t worry, be happy.”

29. The week of the final exams...

30. “I shouldn’t have drunk that last shot.”

31. One of the "forever alone"s who can’t find a shoulder to sleep on, so they just use their own shoulder.

32. “Even I have no idea what the fuck I am doing.”

33. Town Musicians of Bremen

34. “I will just play dead so that they’ll leave me alone”

35. One of those who get wasted after a house party...

36. Taking guard even while sleeping...

37. “What? I am just spicing up my life with new excitements.”

38. “I should get tanned real good this summer”

39. “Today’s topic is the spiral galaxies.”

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