27 Non-Diamond Engagement Rings You Will Fall In Love With!


With ombre and other types of alternative wedding dresses and wedding ideas out there, alternative wedding rings make a lot of sense! It isn't all about diamonds! You will feel the positive energy of these natural and beautiful stones on the wedding rings we found on BuzzFeed and compiled for you!

Get ready to be inspired!

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/sarahhan/it-ain...

1. This adorable rainbow moonstone you will love (wearing) forever. 🌈🌑

2. This incredibly beautiful black pearl.

3. This watermelon tourmaline ring with its floating magical particles. 🍉

4. This scarlet ruby that looks like it has been passed on to many generations already! 😍💍

5. This iridescent, raw beauty of the opal stone!

6. Triple sapphire reminding us once again of the legendary harmony of blue and gold.

7. The feathery elegance of this ruby ring.

8. Two rings are always better than one: this grey moonstone and moissanite ring-set. 🌑🌑

Grey moonstone and moissanite.

9. A clustered peach morganite, pink tourmaline, and moissanite ring everyone will be jealous of!

10. Pink and white pearl. 💍🙆

11. Black onyx ring teaching a lesson in classiness.

12. This green turquoise ring inspired by nature.

13. This rare beauty that won't play second fiddle to anything

14. Think before you decide four stones are too many: pink quartz and moissanite!

15. Opal and small heart-shape!

16. A white topaz and ruby ring inspired by your happy tears!

17. A unique, open-ended sapphire ring.

18. Forms and shapes that we aren't used to seeing pearls in.

19. Amethyst! 💜

20. This gorgeous opal and gold ring!

21. Pearls guaranteeing elegance.

22. This chunky pyrite ring!

23. Baby opal!

24. Pearls ordered in V shape!

25. Sapphire and sunstone! 😍

26. Three vertically-aligned sapphires.

27. A rainbow UFO-like ring that’s made up of too many gemstones to list.

Just kidding: ruby, amethyst, peridot, tsavorite, and a bunch of sapphires in blue, yellow, orange, and pink.


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