25 Should-Have-Seen-Them-Coming Fails

Well.. Accidents will happen; but these ones were ridiculously obvious. No offence, but it's your own stupidity.

You made your bed son, now lie in it!

God knows whose head is chopped off behind there

Shouldn't this be happening only in GTA?

Curse of a defenceless, poor watermelon

His cycling career ends before it even began

"Okay, I am fine, I can stand up by myself, let me please"

Well, seems you broke it :(

Washed up on shore

Maybe you are too young for this game

what is this hurry?

This little buddy learns he shouldn't count his chickens before they hatch

That's why you don't play archery inside house

Oops that doesn't feel like the ball

Agility: Satisfactory, Intelligence: Fail

Couldn't have been deserved more!

Let's hope he is still alive

Nothing good could come from it

Joblessness is a serious problem

Very very serious indeed...

But why?

And no one ever heard from him again 😁

How I got rid of my gf

I don't know what to say for this one

Shooting yourself in the foot level:9000

What's the point?

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