25 Most Popular Cellphones Of All Times!


Have you ever accidentally liked the photo of the new gf/bf of your ex on your phone? You are very lucky, because this wasn't possible until recently, let alone touching the wrong part of your app's screen. Even going online with your phone was impossible.

Today's adults used to dream about buying 'Nokia 3310's and 'Motorola Razr's. Once a new model came out, you and your friends started drooling and saving up for the next one. That's how we were sold lots of cellphones over the years. 

Here is some nostalgia: the 25 most popular cellphones.

25. Apple iPhone 4

Launched: 2010   Sold: 50 miliion

"Can you draw the picture of happiness for me, Siri?"

24. Nokia 6230

Launched: 2004   Sold: 50 Milion

6230, which is still available despite its smart rivals, is the right phone for those who like to have a piece of nostalgia.

23. Nokia 3100

Launched: 2003   Sold: 50 million

22. Apple iPhone 5S

Launched: 2013   Sold: 51 million

The smart phone which first offered the spy experience to its users thanks to its finger print reader.  🕵

21. Samsung Galaxy S III

Launched: 2012   Sold: 60 million

20. Motorola C200

Launched: 2003   Sold: 60 million

19. Motorola StarTAC

Launched: 1996   Sold: 60 million

Hail to the oldest phone in our 'most popular' list. 👴

18. Apple iPhone 4S

Launched: 2011 Sold: 60 million

17. Nokia 5130

Launched: 2007 Sold: 65 million

16. Apple iPhone 5

Launched: 2012 Sold: 70 million

Because it was the first iPhone that came with a different screen size, it attracted many Android fans.😄

15. Nokia 6010

Launched: 2004 Sold: 75 million

14. Samsung Galaxy S4

Launched: 2013 Sold: 80 million

This is the best selling Android phone.

13. Nokia 1208

Launched: 2007 Sold: 100 million

12. Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

Launched: 2014 Sold: 100 million

This is the best selling Apple phone, as well..

11. Nokia 3310

Launched: 2000 Sold: 126million

With its snake game, its solid structure and changeable covers, it was quite popular during its time. 😍

10. Nokia 1600

Launched: 2006 Sold: 130 million

9. Motorola RAZR V3

Launched: 2004 Sold: 130 million

This one is the most popular flip phone in the world. The different color options made it even more popular. Especially the pink... 💖

8. Nokia 2600

Launched: 2004 Sold: 135 million

7. Samsung E1100

Launched: 2009 Sold: 530 million

This Samsung model stole our hearts with its battery life of 15 days! 🔋

6. Nokia 5230

Launched: 2009 Sold: 150 million

5. Nokia 6600

Launched: 2003 Sold: 150 million

Compared to the other phones of its time, Nokia 6600 was very popular thanks to its colorful screen, good quality camera and its unique shape..☺️

4. Nokia 1200

Launched: 2007 Sold: 150 million

3. Nokia 3210

Launched: 1999 Sold: 160 million

The 3210, which was the first phone for most of us, was a socializing phone thanks to its changeable colors. Swapping covers started with this phone.

2. Nokia 1110

Launched: 2005 Sold: 250 million

1. Nokia 1100

Launched: 2003 Sold: 250 million

It isn't very surprising that this phone broke records, considering that it offered every basic feature that a phone can at that low price.

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