25 Fashion Crimes People Actually Committed That Will Make Your Eyes Bleed!


Some say it fashion but I prefer "crime".

Source: http://thechive.com/2019/01/31/its-calle...

1. Hellü darkness my old friend?

2. It's the circle of life guys!

3. How close I am to lose it!

4. Coooooowboy

5. Let the sun shine in dude...LET IT IN!

6. Or there are two lions looking at each other?

7. Every anchorman underneath the table

8. That looks like Deadpool's baby legs in the movie.

9. Earception!?

10. When your clothes reflect your soul.

11. Seriously man! That boots didn't go well with that skirt.

12. When your zodiac sign is gemini.

13. New creation from Beekeeper's Fashion Magazine

14. I tawt I taw a puddy tat

15. So where the poop emoji goes?

16. You can guess where the bra is.

17. So did you wake up and think: "Today I'm gonna wear forks on my shoes"?

18. Wait... Wait... Now you see it.

19. Where the wild thing are? Ohh here they are.

20. "I love pasta soooo much"

21. When the Christmas is past but you're still not ready for 2019.

22. Feet thongs!

23. I wonder how THAT happen?

24. Do you want a memorable prom night?

25. DIY jacket gone wrong.

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