24 Masculine Looks that Looks Better on Women

Suits are not only for guys anymore, sometimes they look even better on women...

Source: http://onedio.com/haber/erkeklerde-gorme...

1. Extremely simple, elegant and sexy

2. Casual and sporty, also really really pretty

3. Suit & Tie

4. Perfect choice for tall women

5. Celebrities are also into this style

6. Good choice for a casual day

7. Tuxedo look

8. It definitely looks better on women

9. Sexy & perfect

10. Vintage look

11. Great styling

12. Chic and graceful

13. Extremely attractive

14. A superb cool style

15. Breathtaking

16. Great trio

17. Bohemian

18. Alive and kicking

19. A bit hipster, and sexy

20. Even a single tie changes the look

21. Great styling

22. Looks like straight out of a fashion shoot

23. Colorful

24. More colorful and lively choices

Meanwhile guys...

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