24 Magical Gifs of Vine Illusionist Zach King


Zach King is a Vine celebrity and maybe one of the best.  He is awesome at combining tech stuff and illusion served with a good sense of humor. You'll see his finest examples here.

1. He is a master of deception

2. How to create a logo

3. Now you know how toilet papers refill themselves magically

4. That is one useful interface

5. Sometimes we all wanna disappear

6. For lazy people

7. This is you after a hard day of work

8. When you are on fire

9. The cutest pig bank

10. This has to be a thing immediately

11. When your parents about to show up

12. Solitaire 4d

13. Music nowadays

14. This trick won't work with your mirror

15. Actually this happened in a more gross way

16. Vineception

17. How to adopt a kitten

18. His boxer is magical as well

19. A squirrel rider

20. A 3d writer that prints 2d and then... what?

21. Do not try this at home

22. Hidden properties of your iPhone

23. When you are on the wrong line

24. Maybe there is a wet phone over there

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