22 Good Uses Of Man Hand

Nope. Not the one that you are thinking... At least not only.

Source: http://onedio.com/haber/bir-erkegin-elle...

1. To relax.

2. To support.

3. To calm you down.

4. To hug.

5. To make you feel safe.

6. To dance.

7. For massage.

8. For pleasure...

9. For good time...

10. To grab.

11. To caress.

12. To undress.

13. To cuddle...

14. To be one.

15. To hold you tight.

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16. To rip off clothes...

17. Before sleep...

18. For breakfast...

19. For a good-bye kiss.

20. To warm you...

21. Or to carry you...

22. And to hide you from everyone else.

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